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Wife of another Ebola survivor, Dr. Adewale Adejoro, delivers a baby girl in Nigeria


3a6de2cb-e77a-434c-bd21-92c2263170eeMrs. Opeyemi J. Adejoro, the wife of Dr. Adewale Adejoro, a male Ebola survivor, has safely delivered a healthy Ebola-free baby girl at First Consultant Medical Centre, Lagos. The hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Benjamin Ohiaeri made the birth announcement today. The baby was born at 7.24pm on Tuesday, 1st December 2015.

The baby girl, weighing 3kg at birth (its placenta 450g), a product of a term gestation was delivered following strict guidelines and recommendations from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), USA, through the pre-natal and delivery stages.

In November 2015, First Consultant Medical Centre celebrated Dr Ada Igonoh’s safe delivery of a baby girl in the United States.

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