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‘Winning Top Model Worldwide is like a dream’ – Tamar Awobotu

DAYS after winning the coveted Top Model Worldwide, a modelling competition staged in the United Kingdom, which featured over 40 contestants from around the world, Nigerian model Tamar Oluwaseun Awobotu chatted with ENCOMIUM Weekly about winning the sixth edition of the competition.  Her winning strategy and future plans.


What first came to your mind when you were declared winner of Top Model Worldwide?

The first thing that came to my mind was it can’t be me, and I virtually crawled out.

Who first congratulated you?

The first person to congratulate me was Miss Sierra Leone.  I was leaning on her because my closest friend in camp had been called upon as the second runner-up.

What is your level of anxiety before the final announcement?

While on the catwalk no, but when they were announcing awards and the runner-ups, I was anxious.

tarmarWhat will you say gave you an edge over other contestants?

It’s the grace of God.

Who, among the contestants gave you the most difficult challenge?

Five of them, Miss Azerbaijan, Miss USA, Miss China, Roxanne from Australia, Miss Jamaica got me worried on that day.

What will you say has changed about you since you won?

A lot.

Can you tell us more about the competition and the organizers?

It’s called Top Model Worldwide that had 45 models from all over the world.  It’s the sixth edition and it was organized by the Top Model UK organization, very strict and disciplined team.

What are your plans for your cash prizes?

There are no physical cash, it’s a contract worth $10,000 and the other cash is a trip to Bermuda worth $8,000 and $1,000 for shopping.

A party was held for you in the UK, tell us about it and what are the plans to have another one here in Nigeria?

It was a well organized party.  It was held at the Hilton Metropole, I had some family members in attendance, few friends and other contestants were there.  We had great time and I am going to have a get together with my family and friends in Nigeria.

What has been your strong point as a model?

My determination and perseverance.

Who among the top models do you admire?

Bisi Sowemimo, Bisi Rahaman, Oluchi Onweagba-Luca, Warebi Martha, Doyin Haastrup, Tolu, Aro, Amaka, Funmi Alayemola, Ojy, Isioma Onyebo, Sola Duromola, Opeyemi, Jimi Tayo, Lanre, Millan from Tanzania.  My girl for life, Adeola Ariyo, just to mention a few.

How do you hone your craft?

I go for as much fashion shows as possible, editorials, campaigns, TV commercials.  I believe the more you work the better you get.

How is life as a model in South Africa?

Life as a model in South Africa has been fulfilling and I am thankful to God for all the opportunity I have been able to grab.  The overall experience has made me better in all spheres of life.

Are you making the money out there on the runway in South Africa?

Like I said, we thank God.

How does one make it as a model?

You have to be consistent, trust in God and keep fit always.

Little is known about your family, can you tell us about your parents and siblings?

I am from a family of 10, I am the fourth.  My father is a civil servant and my mother is a businesswoman. I have four brothers and five sisters.  I love and cherish my family a lot, they give me so much joy, they inspire me a lot.  Their endless prayers have brought me this far.

How is your romantic life like?

I am in a relationship.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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