Women condemn wives chopping off their husbands’ manhoods for cheating on them


Women have condemned wives chopping off the manhoods of their husbands on the excuse that they’re having affairs with other women. They added that the act which has become rampant globally is not only barbaric but wicked. They therefore opined that any culprit of such a foul conduct should be charged for attempted murder or murder as the case may apply.

Some women spoke to on this also lampooned those women. They went further to describe them as animals in man’s kingdom…


‘It’s wicked to do that for any man at all no matter the offence’ -MARIAM BOLADALE

“I don’t support that. It’s barbaric and wicked. No woman should do that for her husband no matter the offence. Cheating or no cheating shouldn’t have warranted cutting up your husband’s manhood. It’s an act of wickedness and should attract a strict penalty. I felt bad when I read the story of a Nigerian woman who chopped off her husband’s manhood, accusing him of cheating.

And the man bled to death. Such a woman should be charged for murder. It’s too bad to do that as a revenge for the father of your children. Who will now be taking care of the children now that she has killed the man? That’s pure madness.”


‘It’s insane to do that’ -BISI ABDULKAREEM

“No matter what a man might have done, a reasonable wife will never do that.

How would you resort to biting your husband’s penis because he is having an affair with another woman? Such a woman is insane. She is even a devil. Instead of doing that, I will rather move out of the matrimony home  if I notice my husband’s sexcapade has become unbearable. Some women are fond of biting their husbands’ manhood just because they’re suspecting that they are sleeping with other women out there. Men will always be men no matter how much you think you satisfy them at home. Although, I am not saying cheating on a wife is good, biting husband’s manhood should be the last thing if at all you quarrel with your husband on that. Such a woman should be jailed for not less than 15 years.”


‘It’s ungodly’ -BLESSING EDEM

“I became baffled when I saw the gory picture of the man that bled to death after his wife bit his penis off, accusing him of cheating on her. I think the woman was mad because I don’t think any normal human being can do that for any man let alone her husband. No matter who my husband may be sleeping with, I can never do that. That’s very wicked. It’s ungodly. Any woman that might have done that was wicked and mentally ill. I am not supporting cheating on one’s husband or wife because it’s an act of adultery which is a serious sin before God. But be that as it may, biting off one’s husband’s manhood is not the solution. If the man finally dies, who will be taking care of the children? And apart from you committing a crime against the land, you have also sinned God. So, you will be punished here on earth and thereafter. So, women should just hand over everything concerning their homes to God instead of taking law into their hands.”



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