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Women demand arrest of Evans’ wife!

That the notorious billionaire kidnapper Chukwudumeje Onuamadike a.k.a Evans had been nabbed by the police is no more news. However, ever since his arrest, one thing has been leading to the other. From his arrest to the multi-million naira mansion he lived in, to the discovery of his ‘den’, his family, to the
#freeevans campaign on twitter.

 Now it’s his wife begging for forgiveness on behalf of his family. She also claimed she did not know he is into such criminal activities. Meanwhile, Nigerians have been reacting to her claim, saying it’s unpalatable to the hearing. sought the opinion of married women on whether it is possible to be married to a man for more than ten years and not know the source of his income.

 Below are their responses:

Mrs. Fajemileyin Bunmi

She is not serious, does she think she can fool us? How could a married woman say she doesn’t know her husband’s job? For God’s sake, they’ve married for 14 years, it is not possible. Ordinary boyfriend and girlfriend cannot say they don’t know each other’s work, not to talk of marriage of 14 years.

I think from the beginning of Evans arrest, the Police would have arrested the wife too, because she knows about her husband’s job. She is just finding excuses, so that they will think she doesn’t know anything about it, which is a lie.

At least from what the husband said, he transferred money to her. She doesn’t live in Nigeria with five children and they are enjoying. I can’t just wait for her to be arrested. So that other women outside there can learn from it.


Mrs. Johnson

I don’t think she is telling the truth, because how would you be with a man for 14 years and you will not know anything about him. She is a bloody liar. Her husband built a big house like that and she can’t ask how, where and when he got his money. And I am sure she is a full housewife and your husband will be coming home with that kind of money and she can’t question him.

The woman is a bloody liar. She should also be arrested and she and her husband should face the court of law for their punishment.


Mrs. Ijaduade Kabirat
It is possible, because there are some women who don’t care about what a man is doing for a living, all they will care about is if the man has money and is taking good care of them. But what I think is that the man sent her and the children outside the country so that they will not know the type of job he is doing.

But the woman should not have come outside and be saying that kind of thing because it’s a shame for her and for her family.


Mrs. Lawrence

It only God that can know the truth because if we say she is lying and it is true, there is nothing we can do about that. Man can lie for a woman and the woman will not know but the only thing I think the woman did that is not good is that, she would have found out underground may be her husband is truly selling the spare parts he claimed to be selling and asked his family also. I think by that she would have known her husband’s work.
Akakomen Deborah

No, it’s impossible for a woman to be married for over ten years and not know the work her husband does. Though some men are so secretive, but as a woman, it’s mandatory you know his job and work place, so he won’t land you and your children in trouble.
Ezem Joy

The woman is a bloody liar and she should be apprehended. How shameless can a woman be, how will she claim she doesn’t know her husband’s work? She is a liar.
Owotutu Tosin

Let her come down to Nigeria to explain herself. We don’t expect her not to have something to cook up to free herself from the mess but we do not buy her claim. She is only trying to make people pity her and it won’t work.


Adewusi Margaret

That she didn’t know he was a kidnapper is a big lie. She didn’t know he had a lot of money yet they live in mansion worth millions. If he sells spare parts, doesn’t he have a shop?. The woman should be apprehended, she is a thief too and a disgrace to womanhood.




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