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Women enjoy sex better as they grow older

According to new claims by a team at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Centre, USA, middle-aged women are more likely to enjoy sex as they grow older. This puts an end to the the debate that women lose interest in sex with age. Researchers found older women having more poise and skills to develop a spontaneous sexual relationship.

Older women communicate better in the bedroom and address issues like sexual dysfunction and look for solutions. Over 500 women aged between 40 and 75 year old in relationships were interviewed by researchers. They were asked, “What happens when sexual function declines as a result of age?”
Diminished sexual interest and inadequate vaginal lubrication were the two most common sexual concerns.

Women in their 40s were most affected by their sexual concerns compared to older participants. Most age groups agreed that sexual activity was important to their overall quality of life, this excludes those in their 70s.

According to Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, who is the lead author of the study, “This survey sheds light on how women feel about the impact of sexual health concerns on their overall quality of life.
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“Although the women in this study felt that their sexual satisfaction could improve, the majority remained happy with the quality of their partnered relationships, demonstrating that sex may become less of a determinant of overall relationship satisfaction over time.”



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