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Women have ‘backup plan’ when it comes to relationships

Research shows that women are liable to cheat while in relationships and biology has a role to play!

According to a team of researchers led by David Buss and Cari Goetz, it was revealed that we’ve evolved to constantly test our relationships and check for better options elsewhere.

Men will also be shocked to realise that women are pre-programmed to have affairs outside of their relationship as a backup plan in case things don’t work out well with their current partner.

“It’s unnatural for humans to stick to one partner at a time and we have developed so much that it makes it easy to scout for suitable mates while in a relationship”,the study claim.

Adding that women are programmed to look out for manly affairs outside of their current relationship. It’s a deep-rooted survival nature which justifies the behaviours of modern-day cheats. This feeling make women compare their partners with whosoever that is in their life. Women also learn and decide whether their current relationship is worth sticking with or not.

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