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Women lose their temper faster than men while driving

Study shows that women lose their cool faster than men while driving. In a new experiment, it was found that women are 12 percent more irritated than men when they are behind the wheel.

This usually occurs  when women are overtaken, shouted at or beeped at while they are driving. Women who were also faced with road users who didn’t indicate also had their temper high up.

Behaviourial psychologist from Goldsmiths University London, Patrick Fagan, noted, “Psychologically, women score higher than men on emotional and verbal intelligence, and on the personality trait of neuroticism.

“Evolutionary theory suggests our early female ancestors had to develop an acute sense of danger for anything that threatened them and their young if their cave was undefended while men were out hunting.  That ‘early warning system’ instinct is still relevant today, and women drivers tend to be more sensitive to negative stimuli, so get angry and frustrated quicker.”



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