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Women on why they don’t sleep in the same bedroom with their husbands

Nigerian women have revealed their preference for having a room to themselves than sleeping in the same room with their husbands. 

Speaking with on this development, the women gave different reasons for making this move.



I prefer having a room to myself.  I will have all the space and time to enjoy it.  More so, my husband prefers his own privacy.  Ever since he kept on complaining that I used to disturb his privacy, l decided to move to another room.



We sleep in different rooms now. My husband complains that I chew my teeth terribly in the middle of the night. We have fought over it severally until we resolved to be using separate rooms.



My husband is a very neat man. He must not see a needle drop on the floor of the room.  That will irritate him for the whole day.  He moved out of annoyance to another room when he came back to meet a scattered room. I am trying my best but there is no way you can please my husband when it comes to neatness and tidiness.



We don’t share the same room for reasons best known to him. He told me before we got married that we can’t share the same room.  I had to comply so that peace can reign.



My husband snores so much.  I am battling with insomnia, l don’t need anything to disturb my sleep. We talked about it and we decided to be using separate rooms.


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