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Women speak on sex during pregnancy


Good sex plays a vital role in bonding of couple in marriage. One of the major home breakers is bad sex. A marriage that lacks healthy sexual life lacks a great deal. While couples with good sex lives tend to make up for wrongs and look away at each other’s faults, those with bad sex would have problems at the slightest provocation and most times, this will generate to a lot of controversies that might eventually lead to the end of such marriage.

However, how couples cope sexually when wives are pregnant draws curiosity because of the belief that this period slows down sexual fun. This prompted the question, “do women enjoy sex during pregnancy”?.

 A story is best when it comes from the ‘horse’s mouth’, and ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with pregnant women on this topic…


Adeyemi Maryam

I don’t enjoy sex during pregnancy but I have no choice. The two major reasons why I had to give way to my husband during pregnancy is first because sex is advisable during that period so as to make it easy for me to deliver safely. And secondly, nine months is a long time, no man will abstain from sex for that long and I am not ready to lose my husband to a strange woman because I am pregnant. I prefer sex in the second trimester, that’s between fourth and six month. I don’t like it in the first and last trimesters. Those moments, sex is not palatable to women.


Oriade Gloria

I enjoy sex during pregnancy because it helps my vagina to expand during labour. Doctors have also advised pregnant women to have sex during pregnancy after the early stage.


Mrs. Qoseem Rihanat

It is good, even when you go for ante natal you are being advised to have sex for easy passage of the baby during labour as it is a form of exercise. One should engage in it at least after the first three months. It is advisable to abstain from it during the early stage.


Ibrahim Khadijat

I don’t really enjoy sex during pregnancy but I engage in it because of my husband and the doctor’s advise. Having sex during pregnancy is stressful and it may cause contractions if not properly done but it is very advisable and should be at least experienced.


Oritoke Modinat

Well, I do have sex during pregnancy but you will not enjoy it unlike having it when you are not pregnant. Though it is advisable to have sex during pregnancy for the safe delivery of your baby.


Ojo Oladunni

I enjoy sex during pregnancy and it is even medically advisable. I prefer it towards the last stage, that’s the last months (8-9month). It is not even safe to have sex at the early stage of pregnancy anyway. I love it in the last stage.


Balogun Emilia

I don’t enjoy sex during pregnancy and my husband has gotten used to that fact. I only have sex once in a while during that period. I don’t have a preference as far as the stage is concerned because most times during pregnancy, when I have sex, it looks almost like I am being forced. I don’t really like it.


Bankole Busola

I don’t enjoy sex during pregnancy because I am not always fine when I am pregnant. I spend almost half of the nine months on bed rest. Even my husband is always scared to touch me those moments. But I think sex is preferable in the last trimester.


Oluokun Sherifat

I don’t like sex during pregnancy and I don’t even think any woman does. The main reason why most of us can’t do without it when we are pregnant is because of the advice doctors give us during anti-natal. Aside that, there is not too much for a pregnant woman to look out for. Once you are filled already,what more will you demand for?


Adetoyese Iyabo

I don’t enjoy sex during pregnancy but I have sex. Reason being that, men don’t want to understand what you are going through that moment. Even if they don’t understand, the urge will still be there. You can’t abstain totally from it except if you don’t have husband. I prefer sex right from the sixth month till the last day.



– Azeezat Kareem and Shukurat Alimi for


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