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Women tabulate why ladies shamelessly cheat

Nigerian women have been labelled in one survey as one of the world’s most promiscuous. Even those who are married cheat with reckless abandon. So, what makes women cheat? What makes them constantly seek illicit pleasure? sampled opinions of women on why the female folks cheat…


Seun Adebolawale

Insecurity makes women cheat. Some women are just not secure, they believe their heart can be broken at any moment or that their husbands are not faithful. Such prefer to double date so if one does not work, the other would. While some women cheat because their husband cannot satisfy them in bed. Such women have the tendency to cheat.


Adeola Oyetoro

Women cheat because of fear of heartbreak. Once a woman is not secure in a relationship, there is no how she wouldn’t cheat. Insecurity comes as a result of lack of attention from the guy. Sometimes it is not about money but the attention and love.


Amaka Johnson

Some women are just not contended, there is no way you can please them. No amount of money, care or attention you give can keep them at home, they will still look outside.


Barbara Bassey

Money can make some women cheat. The bible says money answer all things. Once a man does not have money, she is going out to get it.


Carol Ugochukwu

Cheating is in some women’s blood, they can’t do without it. No matter the effort put to make the relationship work, they will still double date and cheat.


Chinasa Ibe

Some women are sex starved. If such a woman should get satisfied outside, she would continue to cheat. It is important for both parties to discuss the issue of sex in a relationship.


Dupe Stephen

Peer group and friends make some women cheat. It is important to move with people who are like minds. Even at that, don’t discuss whatever you are going through in your relationship with some friends. They will end up leading you astray.


Ebele Smith

Some do it for revenge. Once they know their husband is cheating, they would want to cheat just to get back at the man.


Esther Badmus

There are a lot of women out there cheating because of recession. There is serious hardship in the land and some women are taking advantage of that.


Faith Abiodun

Women who are not satisfied sexually look outside. It is not only the man that needs to be satisfied sexually, some women seek it outside if they don’t get t at home.


Ahmed Monsurat

Greed and lack of satisfaction makes women cheat. For some, it is in their blood to cheat. There is nothing you can do to stop them from cheating.


Aderonke Asholu

Once a woman is not contended with what her partner can give her, she will look outside.



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