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Women vote for menstrual leave

Some women have voted for getting menstrual leave considering the pains that accompany the monthly period . on Tuesday, March 23, 2016 spoke to people about their views on if women should be granted menstrual leave at work place. Most women supported the motion, while some were against it.



Yes, women should be granted menstrual leave because a lot of women go through agony, some go through pains when they are on their period. That is why they prefer to stay indoors because they always have these touchy feeling. So, l think employers should give women at least three days off when they are on their period. But the only problem I forsee is how will they know when to give them these days off because period dates varies and what if an employer have five women working  for him, will he give each of them three days off work? It will disrupt the flow of work but they should just be considerate.



Yes, they should because the stress they go through is not easy. Some people even fall sick. I think the leave should be granted so that women can take proper care of themselves and relax. At least, like five days to three days is enough.



Yes, they should because most women are not always comfortable during these time, some are always sick and cannot do much work. So most women need rest at this moment; they should be given five days from work to rest.



No, they shouldn’t. It does not make sense because they should know how to take care of their cycle before it comes, so I do not see any reason for the menstrual leave



No, women should not be given days off work because of just menstrual cramps, moreover it is not a life and death thing and there are pain relievers that can take care of it.



Yes, they should be given some days off work because if you go back to those days of our forefathers when a woman is on her period she doesn’t cook or do anything in the house. So, think employers should consider the menstrual leave.



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