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Women weep as foodstuff prices skyrocket (2)

The removal of subsidy on petroleum products is drastically affecting Nigerians. Breadwinners, market women are groaning under untold hardship. A lot of Nigerians find it difficult to eat two meals a day as a result of skyrocketing prices of food stuffs.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of women on how they are coping…



Things seems to be going from bad to worse. You buy an item today, by tomorrow it is no longer the same price. It is only the grace of God that has been seeing a lot of people through. In my house now, we are just managing to get by. My children love macaroni a lot. But it keeps on increasing by the day. I used to buy tomato paste for N100, N120 it is now almost N200 per one. That is Nigeria brand. I can’t even go for the foreign brand.



It is really over bearing. A lot of people are finding it hard to cope. I have cut down on expenses. I used to buy in bulk before but I no longer do that. I just buy a few we can afford. I work and still do business even my husband does the same thing but it is still difficult to get by. Semo was N1,600 some months back. That is the price they sell 5kg now instead of 10kg.



Prices of food stuff have gone up astronomically. Now it is a case of survival of the fittest. It is only God we are looking up to in order to survive.  Before, the man can be the only one working and the wife will be at home taking care of the children. I don’t think anybody can try that again. A cup of ogbono used to be N100 it’s now N250. I hope it wouldn’t be more than that when next I go to the market.



The rate at which prices of food stuff is going up is alarming. It is really a sad case. We have no choice than to eat.  Even if adults can reduce their ration what about those innocent children. We are just coping because we don’t have an alternative. We must eat. My husband will put down what he has and I will add a little to it. Everything has gone up, even matches of N50 matches is now N60.



Nigeria is a blessed nation, I don’t know why we are suffering like this. We thought the president will give us something different from what we used to have.  In fact, things are getting worse. Nigerians are suffering. How are we coping. Do we have a choice than to cope, we don’t. Maggi is now N700 from N500. I used to buy one Titus fish for N250, it is now N300, N350.



I only buy what we need now. There are things we need that we cannot even afford again. I go to the market almost every day. I don’t wish to but I cannot afford to buy in bulk again.  It is what we make daily that we use to eat. I don’t even know how we are coping really. At times, we don’t know where money for the next meal will come from. I can’t start to list them. I just know everything has gone up.



An oil producing nation is suffering like this. Ghana is better off. Things are not as difficult as this. My husband works in Ghana and I think it is better to relocate there. Things seem to be getting out of hand here. We are coping well just that we don’t buy the extras we used to buy again. No more shopping at malls too. I rather go to the market, things are cheaper there than going to the mall.



We are only looking up to God. Everything is somehow. At work I have reduced my spending.  I also try to take food to work from home now .just to reduce our expenses. At times, it is only N50 gala I will eat from morning till the close of work. There are things I cannot buy for the house again.  I used to buy 5litres of vegetable oil but now, I will just buy one bottle. 5 liters was N1,300 before, it is now N1,700.



This is the time for Nigerians to get close to God. Government have failed, economic policies are failing. It is only God that can intervene. We have cut down our expenses and we are still cutting down. Doing business is not encouraging again, people are owing me a lot. I have to just stop. If not, I wouldn’t be able to recoup my capital. A bottle of vegetable oil was N200 before, it is now N300.



The situation is very critical and it is unfortunate that we are not feeling the impact of our Government. May be they are confused about what to do. We have done everything on our own part and it seems more difficult.

It is only God that can help us. We used to eat local rice every Sunday in my house, it is now twice a month. The increment on it is not less than N200.



The country has gotten to a stage we all need to forget our differences and get closer to God.  We need to pray more for the country and our rulers instead of complaining. We buy what we can afford and leave the rest. Rice used to be N800 per paint bucket, it is now N1,200 depending on the brand you want to buy.



I think the hike in fuel pump caused it. The cost of transportation has gone up compared to before. Let us just keep on praying that it will not get worse.  It has not been easy, I must say. We are looking up to God daily for survival. I used to buy a bag of garri for N5,000 before, it is now N18,000. I can’t even buy a bag again. I am now buying quarter bag.



I think we should blame our leaders for our woes both past and present leaders. Nigeria is a blessed nation. Imagine  if the outrageous amount most of our past leaders looted should be pumped into our economy, we wouldn’t be where we are today. God save Nigeria. God has been our refuge. We also plan and stick to it. We were using two cars before, now;

I don’t take mine to work again. I take public transport. It is less expensive for me. I can’t start to list the items, everything has gone up.



I don’t have much to say because talking cannot help our situation. I will call on the Government to rise to their responsibilities. Why did we elect them if we are suffering like this. We are coping, seeing a new day is a sign of hope that things can get better. Everything is affected. Even a bag of sachet water was N80 before it is now N120.



Salaries are no more regular. Everything seems to be turning upside down. Businesses are no more striving. Nigeria is just there. You should notice that people no longer fight like before. It is someone who has ‘belly full’ that will fight.

Coping is tough, very tough, we are just trying to hold on. Buying meat of N1,000 for the family no longer exists. If I don’t have N2,000, I can’t make something manageable.



I am highly disappointed in the present administration. They promised us change . We have seen the change in a negative way. God has been faithful, what else will I say. A bottle of red oil was N200 before, it is now N300.



Things are really on the high side now but we believe that God will help the president to effect the changes he promised.  I want all Nigerians to be hopeful that a new era is coming. It is not that I am not feeling the heat but we just have to keep on hoping that things will get better. I used to buy refill milk for the house before, I can’t do that again. I only buy this N20 satchel per child now. May God help us all.


List of things


1 Spaghetti                            N120                  N180

A pack of 20                          N2,200                   N2,600

10kg Semo                            N1,600                   N2,000

Wheat (one bucket)            N600                      N1,000

A tuber of yam                     N250-N300           N450

Egusi(derica)                         N180                      N300

Cornflakes                             N450                      N500-N550

Golden morn                        N450                      N500

Fresh pepper                        N50                         N100

Periwinkle (milk cup)          N150                      N300




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