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Women weep as foodstuff prices skyrocket

The removal of subsidy on petroleum products is drastically affecting Nigerians. Breadwinners, market women are groaning under untold hardship. A lot of Nigerians find it difficult to eat two meals a day as a result of skyrocketing prices of food stuffs.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of women on how they are coping…



Prices of food stuff have gone up astronomically, became worse when the new N145 pump price was announced. Now it has really gone from bad to worse. We are coping by God’s grace. We just buy what we need. There are some necessities that we have to learn to do without.

I used to buy Semolina for N2,600 (10kg), it is now N2,800. Some sell it for N2,900 or even N3,000, depending on the brand you are buying.



It is really unbearable. I don’t even know what to do. A lot of Nigerians are struggling to stay above board. We are just depending on God for sustenance. I have reduced my ration. At times, I don’t eat more than once a day just because of the economic situation.

I bought a paint bucket of wheat for N600 a couple of months back, it is now N800, N1000 per paint bucket.



The only thing is to cling unto God at this time. Times are really harsh, I must say. I find it difficult to give out N100. You can imagine. I tried adding business to what I am doing but business is not moving again. Everything is just somehow.

A cup of Ogbono used to be N100, now it is N250. That is the smallest cup. The tin of milk is N500, while a derica is N2,800. You can imagine the outrageous difference.



We were optimistic when a new government came into power, everybody is disillusioned now. I don’t quite understand how things are taking a negative turn in Nigeria. I don’t even know. We just live each day as it comes. I try to give the children what we can afford and we will leave the rest.

A pack of spaghetti was N100 before, it is now N180 depending on the brand. If you want to buy 10, it was N1000 before, it is now N1,800.



Prices of everything has skyrocketed in Nigeria. It is difficult to buy something today and meet it at the same price tomorrow. God is our sustenance. I used to buy things in bulk before, I am just trying to buy one, one now. I buy carton before, I dare not do that again.

A bottle of groundnut oil was N200 before, it is now N300. 900ml of groundnut oil was N350 before, it is now N500. 5 litres used to be N1,300, it is now N2,000.



Prices of goods are no more the same. Everything has increased. Nigerians are just trying to manage. I know a family that eat once a day and when they eat, it is not usually a balanced diet. Eba with no meat. I don’t even know. I just buy what we can afford for the family. Once the children have eaten, we bless God for every other thing.

I cannot remember when I bought fresh tomatoes last. It is really outrageous and over bearing. Two big tomatoes is N100. That is if it’s available.



I am highly disappointed in the present administration. We expected change but the change is becoming over bearably. We just trust God to keep on showing us mercy.

Gari used to be N350, it is now N800, N500.



Things are now expensive. All the extra we used to buy before is no more. I have started business aside the work I do. The smallest thing in the market is now expensive.



The country has gotten to a stage we all need to forget our differences and get on our knees and pray. Things have really gotten worse. God has been on our side. We are also cutting our cloth according to our size.

Rice is now expensive. A bag of 50kg is now N13,000 – N15,000 depending on the brand. A paint bucket is now N1,200 – N1,000.




Things were not this bad when Jonathan was in power. I was hopeful before Buhari came on board. I don’t think anything positive can come again. We don’t have a choice than to cope. Where do we go? We don’t have anywhere to go again.

Sachet of tomatoes puree is now N70, N60 per one. It was N40, N50 before.



We are just calling on God to intervene so that things will not get worse than this. We are trusting God to keep on sustaining us.

I used to buy yam flour (elubo) for N2,800, N3,000 before, it is now N3,500 – N4,000.



The situation is very critical and it seems the government is confused. They don’t have a solution to our problem. We are trusting God for sustenance. We have cut down our budget to the barest minimum. Everything is affected. Fish is no more N250. It is from N3200 upward.



The high price of foodstuff in the market is not good at all, it is not helping issues. It is making goods not to sell well and the worse part of it is there is no money to buy some things that are needed in the house because of the high cost of everything.

I think the government should try to help about this because the poor masses are really suffering.

I have been coping maybe because I am a Nigerian, you know Nigerians can adjust to any situation and also God has been faithful to me and my family. Rice, beans, garri even vegetable now is expensive.



It is a shame that a big country like this will be going through this kind of situation and the government is doing nothing about it. I have been buying what I think is necessary and what my money can buy, so I have been trying to manage the situation.

I have been coping fine, thank God for an understanding family like mine, everyone knows that there are some things mummy can’t buy again because of the high cost of things in the market.



The skyrocketing price of foodstuffs is affecting everybody but there is nothing we can do about it because I need to eat and my family needs to eat too. So we are managing the situation. I have been coping well, with an understanding husband, I don’t really have much to think about.

Everything has increased even pure water. if I start listing, I will list the whole market.



I don’t have much to say because if I keep talking, it will not change anything so all I do is keep praying to God to sustain me and my family because even transport to go to the market has increased so it’s not easy at all.

I have been coping well at least seeing a new day with hope that things will be well. Palm oil, pure water, rice, garri, beans, etc, have increased o.



Due to the increase in pump price, the price of foodstuff and transportation has really gone high, so we are praying it doesn’t get any worse than it has already become. We are coping fine by God’s even though it is not easy at all. But in all I still thank God.

I used to buy a paint bucket of garri for N300 before but now it is N700, a bag of rice is now N16,000, depending on the type of rice and many other things like that.



This is a big disappointment, we have all the resources to better our country but yet it is just too bad that nothing is working. Nigerians are really suffering and struggling to have a good life even with the harsh economy.

Fish is now from N500, packet of maggi Knor is N700. Stock fish is now from N300 depending on the sizes, semo is now from N2,800 or even N3,000, a derica of rice is now N250 depending on the type of and so on.


BEFORE                                                                              AFTER

Agric rice: N6,000 – N10,000                                          N14,000 – N16,000

Bag of garri: N5,000, N3,000, N2,500                           N17,000 – N18,500

Stock fish: N250 – N500                                                   N1,000 – N1,200

Ogbono (milk cup) N250                                                 N500

Bean: N50 per derica                                                         N160 – N250

Meat: with N2,500, you                                                    N2,500 neat is now same

can make a pot of soup                                                      quantity as N500 meat

Red oil: bottle N100 – N200                                             N300, N250

Groundnut oil bottle N100, N200                                  N300, N350

Salt biggest size N70                                                          N120

Maggi star packet N300                                                    N400

Egusi derica: N150, N120                                                N350, N400, N450

Fresh pepper no more N50                                              N100

Fresh tomatoes now 3 small

Pieces for N100

Sachet tomatoes for Gino N25 – N40                             N70 per sachet

Ugwu N50                                                                            N100

Sugar (biggest) N100                                                         Biggest N120

Sugar (small) N50                                                               Small N60

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