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Wondering how Josh2funny and FalzTheBahdGuy do it? Here are some tips to going viral!

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered an unexpected trend: a skyrocket of viral content. As countries around the world joined in the global race to stop the spread of the disease, billions of people were on lockdown. With nowhere to go, many turned to some of their favourite social media apps to kill time. Here’s what the challenges had in common: 

Good Vibes: Let’s be honest, challenges are so popular because they are fun to watch and participate in. That’s what makes them so easy to share with family and friends. To pass the virality test, it must be fun and relatable. 

Quick and Easy Sharing: Viral challenges are always primed for sharing. Challenges do not go viral unless people are sharing it. With the rise of multiple social platforms, content often crosses over social media platforms. In recent times, challenges such as the Influencer challenge which began on TikTok have also gained popularity on platforms such as Instagram. 

Emotional Connection: Emotions compel people to take action. The 10 Year challenge played on nostalgia creating the perfect opportunity to show off the “Glow Up”. The Don’t Rush Challenge made people optimistic about the relaxation of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and everyone wanted to join in. 

Although the lockdown in most countries has been eased, more challenges keep going viral. BHM’s Research & Intelligence team recently released the second edition of “The Concept of Virality”. This report examines viral challenges, observing what makes them garner the attention they do.  

Click here to download the full report from BHM.  



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