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Worrying about work-life balance affects the health 

New study reveals that stressing over work-life balance affects your health greatly. It’s best you try to forget about it and live with your limitations.

Researchers at the Oregun State University, USA, say those who over-think about their imperfect work-life balance risk developing high blood pressure, depression and stress.

Lead author at the Oregun State University, Dr. Kelly Davis, observed that we should give ourselves time to plan ahead, and make sure we keep a strong network of family and friends for support instead of worrying.

“Planning ahead and having a backup plan, having a network to support one another, those things make you better able to reduce work-family conflict.”

“We need changes in the ways in which organizations treat their employees. We can’t deny the fact that work and family influence one another, so by improving the lives of employees, you get that return on investment with positive work and family lives spilling over onto one another,” she added.


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