WWTBAM N5 million winner speaks, ‘I have been playing since 2008’

Olalowo Olatokun has joined the league of big winners in the popular television show, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.  In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the N5 million winner shared his success story with us…

Can you lead us into your background?

My name is Olalowo Olatokun, my friends and family call me Lowo. I was born more than 30 years ago. I studied Electrical Electronics Engineering at University of Lagos and I currently work in the tax field – LIRS.

We congratulate you on your winning of N5 million on WWTBAM. How do you feel?

Thank you, sir. It’s a pleasure, it’s a relief. I was nervous when I came here. Ever since I got the call and text message that I have been invited to play on the show, I felt a little nervous that period. But right now I’m very happy and relieved.

How did you get to know about the show?

I like to watch television, so I stumbled on the show around October, 2004 as it was premiering, and I have been watching ever since.

So, it means you’ve been playing since then or how did you start playing?

I didn’t start playing immediately, I was too nervous to play immediately. But I played along the line and when I didn’t get called back, I stopped. I remember, I tried again during one of the Valentine Specials and I was invited, but since it required coming with a partner, and I didn’t have a partner, I couldn’t come. Then I played again and here I am.

While you were being verified (undergoing selection), what questions were you asked?

Ok, I was asked about Madiba, that’s Mandela. I was asked what age he was when he was released from prison.

Were you able to get it?

No, I didn’t. I can’t even remember the answer I gave. But I guess I was close to the answer, hence my being invited, ultimately.

Talking about partner, you admitted that because you didn’t have a partner then, you couldn’t come. But have you got one now?

No, I still don’t have o. Between then and now, there’s been one or two but at present there’s nothing for now.

Any hope for one?

Yes, definitely. When there’s life, there’s hope.

What do you want to do with this winning?

I am going to leave it in the bank for now. I wouldn’t want to be careless with it while I think of the next step to take.

But you need to tell us one or two things you must have been planning to spend on if an opportunity like this occurs. As a man, you know.

I could support my brother who is into diesel business. I mean, that’s an avenue to support his business. To be honest, I think that’s about it. For now, I don’t have any concrete project that is going to take that money. At least, right now. Something could come up tomorrow, but right now, nothing.

Talking about brother, it means you are not the only one in the family. Can you tell us your family size?

I am my mother’s first and I have two younger ones. Me, my younger brother and the baby of the house, a girl.

What word do you have for Ultima Limited?

Ultima, I commend the management and staff of this company. I think it takes a big heart to continue with this work of empowering people. I believe Nigeria can sometimes be a tough place to do business, but Ultima has always been progressive. I also commend the management for not slowing down business even after the fire incident. Candidly, the staff have been very friendly, warm and professional. I think they want the best for anyone who comes on the show and they give valid advice like if you don’t know, and your lifelines are exhausted, walk away.

Any word for our sponsors, MTN?

Shout out to MTN. MTN is the real deal. Thank you for sponsoring an initiative such as this. It’s educational, exciting, entertaining and enriching! It’s a mix of different things. I would just like to commend and encourage MTN to continue with the good work.

What influenced your choice of who you came with to the show?

Jelili is my honest friend; he tells me the truth even when it hurts. I needed someone I could be comfortable with and he is that person. That’s why I chose him.

You have been part of the audience a number of times; can you narrate your experience?

Being a part of the studio audience is exciting, you get to meet different people and hear stories. Also, there’s something about the music-intro montage that makes my heart skip even when I watch the show from home.

How many times have you been here as an audience member?

I have been here a number of times. I think I have lost count actually, because it dates back to 2008.


  •  Which of these would you have for breakfast? SANDWICH
  • Which of these is the name of a popular Nigerian musician? FLAVOUR
  • Which of these terms is used to refer to electricity? POWER
  • A chef will wear which of these to keep the hair out of the food being prepared? HAT
  • The eye is referred to as the organ of what? SIGHT
  • What does letter ‘A’ stand for in the examination abbreviation “A Level”? ADVANCED
  • Which of these is a nation in the Caribbean Sea? CUBA
  • Which two teams go against each other in the famous “El Clasico” football game? REAL MADRID & BARCELONA
  • Which year was Nelson Mandela released from prison? 1990
  • Who played the character of “Rambo” in the 1982 war movie ‘First Blood’? SYLVESTER STALLONE
  • The 2004 song entitled, My Boo was a duet by which of these American musicians? USHER & ALICIA KEYS
  • A slug is classified as which type of animal? MOLLUSK
  • On which part of the body would a doctor use an otoscope? EAR
  • Famous politician, Ahmed Ben Bella was a native of which country? ALGERIA


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