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Yaba tech students now sleep in classrooms -hostel rooms yet to be allocated


The students of Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) have been going through hard times as the school management has refused to begin the allocation of hostel accommodation one month after resumption. The students who come from different parts of Nigeria as well as outside the country and have no relative in Lagos, sleep in classrooms to meet up with lectures and assignments. Some of the students sleep at the school chapel, while others sleep in the school mosque.

Some students were lucky to have their colleagues accommodate them in their houses. Information available to ENCOMIUM Weekly shows that these students take their bath outside or at the back of their classrooms. Some of the students are said to have malaria due to uncountable mosquito bites.

They also complained of bed bugs biting them while sleeping and while receiving lectures. Some of these students are as young as15.

The students insist that the school authority is aware of these situations, but they give no reason for not opening the hostels while their students suffer and are being allowed to go through the uncondusive environment to study in a higher institution of learning.


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