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Yemi Alade discovers her twin at Awka Star Music Trek

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Feisty diva Yemi Alade played a stunning stage trick on her fans at last weekend’s Awka leg of the 2015 Star Music Trek when a stunt double was introduced as her before she made her entry to the stage.

Dressed in an African print hood jacket over a black tube and jeans with sandals and a pair of dark shades, the stunt double waltzed into stage with two dancers, dancing to Wande Coal’s ‘Baby Hello’ which featured the singer.

The crowd cheered her on, unaware that the real Yemi Alade was still backstage. When she finally emerged dressed in a short flair dress and rocking blue wool braid, the audience screamed in shock and excitement. She jokingly questioned her stunt double on the striking semblance and then the real fun began – hit song after the other, from ‘Tangerine’ to ‘ Kissing’, then her current hit song ‘Taking Over You’, which worked the crowd into a frenzy.


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