Tuesday, April 2, 2013, will forever remain a memorable day for the famous saxophonist, Yemi Sax and his pretty girlfriend of less than a year, Adeshola Tayo Durojaye as they began a glorious journey that will lead to holy matrimony. 
It all started at exactly 8:05pm at the Cold Stone Creamery Bar in Lekki, Victoria Island, Lagos when YemiSax proposal to his girlfriend. She screamed out in a loud voice, saying, “Yes, I will” when the saxophonist went down on his knees before families and friends to ask her, “will you marry me?”
The surprised gathering had in its attendance a handful celebrities including Skuki, Lamboginny, Oye Yemi Macaulay, NairaBet’s Marcus, Skuki’s manager, Moses and Yemi Sax’s publicist, G Rugged. The newest lovers later spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly…

‘It’s really hard to make a right choice’ – YEMI SAX 

Yemi Sax

Yemi Sax

How are you feeling right now?
I’m feeling brand new (smiles). I’m very happy right because it’s a hard decision to make, but with the help of God, I have made the right choice. She’s a special woman. She is everything to me and I love her so much.
Why did you decide to propose her now?
Why now…hmmm. Really, if you asked me exactly this time last year, if I was going to marry this year, I would have said, No! That mean I didn’t see it coming but as a man, you’ll get to a particular stage life that you’ll just make up your mind on things, especially marriage. So, it’s not about how old or young you’re, it’s making a decision at the right time. So, this is the time.
When and how did you meet her? Was it love at first sight?
It’s not really a long relationship. The romance is less than a year. I think I’m one of the people that believe it’s not about how far, but how well. I have been in relationships and she too. In fact, she just broke away from a five year relationship when we met. She pulled out because it didn’t work out for her.
Meeting her for the first time was quite funny. Although, we’ve been talking on phone but we haven’t met. Even when I invited her, she wouldn’t come until one day I saw her in front of my house. I was shocked to see her and she too. I insisted that she gave me audience, I must entertain her but she said she wanted to get something at the market and promised to see me on her way back. I waited for like an hour outside, hoping that she would come back but I didn’t see her. So, I went inside, only for me to hear the horn of her car, I rushed down putting on only singlet and knicker. I told her, “Today, I must know your house,” and she agreed and we drove down to her house.
She entertained me and we were in a joyous mood when I told her she would be the mother of my children (smiles). I didn’t even toast her, and she was only smiling. That’s how it all started and gradually, I started expressing my love for her but I guess she didn’t want to accept because she just came out of a five year relationship that didn’t fetch her anything.
(Cuts-in) That means you came at the right time?
Exactly! I came into her life at a time she was hurt and needed a true love. I was just there at the right time and I assured her. She didn’t accept in the first instance until she started seeing the sincerity in me. So, I would say our relationship started fully in July 2011. Just less than a year, I’m a changed person. She has succeeded in bringing out the real man in me. I’m not going to say I’m a saint because I have been through some rough time, but she has changed my life completely. So, it’s not how far, but how well.
What differentiate her from other ladies you’ve dated?
Her sincerity. Whatever she tells me, I don’t doubt her because you’ll realize she’s actually saying the truth.
What’s the plan for wedding?
Of course marriage is next after engagement but no specific plan for now. All I can say is that I’m going to get married before the end of the year.

‘I knew he was going to propose but I didn’t know when…’ – ADESHOLA
A very cheerful Ogun state born Adeshola Durojaye also spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly

Adeshola Durojaye

Adeshola Durojaye

Can we meet you?
I am Adeshola Tayo Durojaye, I was born in a family of eight, four children from my mum and four from my stepmother. I am the last born of my mum to my dad. I studied Chemical and Polymer Engineering at Lagos State University.
Presently am an entrepreneur, am into events, sales of men wears and property too. Let me just say am a jack of all trade (smiles).
How are you feeling right now?
It feels amazing! It’s a dream come true.
How did you meet her. Was it love at first sight?
We met through a mutual friend, I helped and he got my number to say thank you. We’ve been friends over the phone since then for about 2 years plus but we never met, even though he made all attempts to meet with me at different times but I never gave him the chance. One fateful day I was driving out to get something in the market, and I saw him standing in front of his house, I stopped to say hello, we got talking for few minutes and I remembered I was going to the market, I promised to see him on my way back.  I did and he rushed out of his house when he realised that I was around, jumped into my car and followed me home.
On getting home all he was saying was I should have a baby for him that he really likes me and he kept coming around. I didn’t immediately accept him, because I was fresh from a five year relationship up. So, I gave him a chance few weeks later and that’s all.
Did you have feelings that he was going to propose to you?
Yes, because he won’t stop confessing his love to me, but I didn’t know when he would because our relationship was young, am still in shock it all happened so quickly! But then I know how much he loves me and always wanting to be around me.
Why did you accept his proposal considering your previous relationship experience?
I accepted his proposal because he loves me and treats me with respect like no other man had ever done. He has a pure and genuine heart towards me and everyone around me. To crown it all, I truly love him like I have never loved!
What kind of person is Yemi Sax to you?
The kind of person he is to me is like a baby (laughing). He’s tender and easy with me, he loves me like I have always dreamt and imagined to be loved. He’s just the perfect man for me (smile).




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