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Yinka Olukunga (Nnenna) on her irrevocable passion for children

DELECTABLE actress Yinka Olukunga, also known as Nnenna rose to stardom through Wale Adenuga Production.  She discovered her passion for children after acting as Nnenna in one of Adenuga’s soaps.  Her passion for kids led to the establishment of Nnenna and Friends Fan Club and her television series for children.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her on Thursday, January 19, 2012, at her Ajao Estate office where she told us why she has not been featuring in mainstream Nollywood movies, the truth about her relationship with Atewo of Skuki and lots more.


What has been happening to Nnenna career wise?

She has been busy, working with kids. She has been doing a lot with kids.

What about the acting part?

I have been acting.  I have been doing Super Nnenna for my own production.

Why is it that Nnenna only features in Wale Adenuga Production alone and not mainstream Nollywood?

Yes, that is true.  I have never featured in any other movie.  I don’t know, honestly.  I think I am just too busy working with kids.  I really don’t have time to think about it.  I am too busy with children, I have been working with my team and the time has really not been there.

Does that mean that you don’t get scripts from Nollywood?

No, of course, I do. I don’t turn them down, I tell them that I will show up if I have the time.  Before the TV programme came on, I had little time as well. I was in school, so shuttling from school to the fan club, live shows, wasn’t easy.  I am done with school now, but the television programme is on.  It has 10 segments so we have to keep recording all the time.  I let them know that if I am not busy and if the story is beautiful, I will take it.

What determines the script you accept?

If the story is full of suspense, if it is well written and beautiful and it makes sense to me.  I can go for it.  But I am not keen on the love, love story.

You look like someone who will gladly accept a love scene?

(Laughs) Looks can be deceptive, love story is good. I will love to do it but I want something that is really more challenging.  That is why I do karate in Nnenna and Friends. 

Seems you are not the outgoing type, you are not seen at entertainment events, why?

The package for children is not easy. Most times when there are event, I am often busy doing one thing or the other.  I am also an introvert, I like being indoors.

A lot of people believe it is part of your contract with Wale Adenuga?

No, I think the reason people have that impression is because they see me mostly in Wale Adenuga’s production.  Then, the children thing as well, those are the things that have been keeping me down.  Even when we go for an outing, before you know it, children who see me will come around screaming my name. It has nothing to do with my contract.  I’ve just finished school, so maybe now that I am through you will see more of me at functions.

Can you differentiate between Yinka and Nnenna?

That will be hard.  Whether we like it or not, Nnenna is Yinka and Yinka is Nnenna, whatever I do as Nnenna is what I do as Yinka, my love for kids as Nnenna is the same as being Yinka.

We learnt your Visafone contract will soon expire?

Yes, of course. I have been with them for four years.

Any hope for a renewal?

(Smiles) That is left for Visafone to decide.  Yes, I have been with them for a very long time though.

How much is it worth?

Can we jump that?  But it was a very nice deal.

So, tell us about your television show?

It is an edutainment programme.  It has drama, music, art and craft segments.  It is just like opening a magazine, all you have in a magazine is inside, but it is for children. Thank God for the acceptance, the kids love it.

Is Yinka in a relationship?

Can we exclude that?

Tell us about your ideal man.

I want a God fearing and honest man. Most importantly, whosoever God has for me is who I will marry.

A lot of things have been said and written about your romance with Atewo of Skuki, what is the truth about it?

He is my friend, the truth is at this point in my life, there is no need to tell a lie.  Yes, we were in a relationship for over two years, almost three years.  Like every other normal relationship, like every other normal girl that has issues in her relationship, we had to break up.  But we are still friends, no more in a relationship.

So, why did you part ways?

Normal complication. It is just like a normal girl out there that discovered her relationship was not working out probably because they are not compatible or any other thing. I can’t lie that we were not in a relationship. No, we were together, our parents actually knew each other. It wasn’t just an entertainment thing, maybe it happened because God has a different plan for us.

Tell us about your fan club and what you have in stock this year.

We are planning the February Valentine show for children.  We have a TV show running now, Nnenna and Friends Television Show, it is for children also.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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