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Yomi Casual reveals 2016 collection- ‘I’m getting married this year!’

Yomi Casual, kid brother of ace comedian, Ayo Makun has unveiled his latest collections called Man of the Year. The collections offer a wide range of comfortable and suitable outfits for upwardly mobile men.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him in his new Lekki, Lagos outlet on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, where he spoke about the new collections and marriage.


Tell us about your new collection.

My new collection is entitled, Man of the Year and it is one of the best things that have happened to me. The collection is very unique. The pieces have a taste of an ideal man and also what a 21st century man should look like.

What inspired this particular collection?

I was thinking about what a 21st century man can wear to the office and still standout looking very edgy and trendy. That’s how the whole thing came about.

Your designs are basically for men, are you not thinking of going into the women business?

We do women as well but our major focus is on men. But very soon, we will go fully into women. The stress is too much. It’s not easy to cope with women.

How long have you been in the business?

Professionally, I have been in the business for nine years.

How was 2015 for you in the fashion industry?

It was awesome. It was one of the best for me because I just opened a new outlet which is where we are right now. We brought out new collection. Business wise, it was very good for us.

What are some of the fashion pieces that will be trending in 2016?

In 2016, I think men are becoming more confident. Before, some guys will tell you, I cannot wear this, it is too loud for me. But these days, even a 60 year old wants to wear something colourful. So, I am very sure 2016 will produce a lot of older men looking young.

When should we expect the wedding bell to ring?

Before the end of this year I should tie the knot because if I don’t, then it will be like next five years (laughs).

Who is the Mrs. Right?

You will know when I unveil her.

Describe your ideal woman?

She must be beautiful but I am not too concerned about beauty. My woman is extremely beautiful but that is not the main reason I am with her. She is brilliant and God-fearing. She thinks about the future. She is not particular about now, she teaches me how to invest my money. That is an ideal woman.

At what age do you plan to settle down?

I am 31, that is why I am saying if I don’t get married this year, it will take another five years.

Your elder brother is a popular comedian, has he helped you grow your brand?

Yes, of course. AY is a very popular brand. When I visit big companies and they introduce me as AY’s brother, it opens doors for me, and it is still helping me till now.

How did you come about the brand name, Yomi Casual?

It used to be Yomi Design. That was the original name and I said to myself, let me do casual and people said no, you cannot do casual because my designs are very unique. But for me, I think casual is not going to be boring. So, I named my stuff causal.

You had your birthday last week, how do you feel adding a year?

First, I felt old for like five minutes then I did those things that make me feel young. I travelled to Dubai. I gave myself a treat.

Tell us about Yomi Casual?

Yomi Casual is a very shy guy and very cool but from afar he looks like a snub. When you come close, he is a very cool guy.



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