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Yomi Casual unveils jaw-dropping 2015 Collection – ‘It’s a dream come true’

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+ Why he’s yet to get married

Makun Omoniyi, popularly known as Yomi Casual, has every reason to be thankful to God for successful business in 2014. The celebrity designer and younger brother of comedian AY, was full of joy, in a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, December 1, 2014 about his 2015 collection tagged, The Fantastic Man Collection.

“It’s a dream come true. I am grateful to God for the successes I have recorded in 2014. I remember the day I moved to Lagos as a young boy. I aspire to be the best in my chosen career, which is fashion designing. Here I am today, I am happy and grateful to God. I have my own house, three cars, my showrooms, among others. I am excited. I am not there yet, I won’t stop working, I will continue to give me best”, said, the elated designer, while speaking exclusively with ENCOMIUM Weekly, on his 2015 collection.


You have just unveiled 2015 collection…

Yes. It’s a dream come true to do it again, the way I have been doing it yearly. I am very grateful to God. It feels great, exciting and happy.

Don’t you think it’s too early releasing the collection now?

I did the same thing last year. The 2014 collection was released early December 2013, but people were wondering why it was released before the year. I have to do it, because my clients requested for it. Same thing this year. They have started asking me about the 2015 collection since July, and it’s not my style to disappoint my clients. So, I started working, thinking of something unique compared to previously unveiled collections. I am very grateful to God, the collections are ready, and as usual, I have my celebrities who model for me.

What is unique about these collections compared to the previously unveiled ones?

It is called the fantastic man collection. This is one of my best collections so far. This collection, I experimented with different colours of fabrics, unlike the other ones that is full of embroidery. This was based on popular demand, and I think, it’s cool, because I no longer clothe the boys. I deal with men now, and men want something mature and simple. In this collection, I use more of cotton and linen.

Tell us about the celebrities and what made them accept the offer?

These are my favourite models. These are the people I have been working with for years, the likes of Desmond Olusola Elliot, Uti Uwachukwu, Zack Orji, among other notable faces. However, we added some news faces. I featured Denrele Edun in particular because I want people to talk about it, and of course, you know his kind of personality.

People say you’re one of the richest designers at the moment…

I don’t know their definition of rich (smiles). Don’t use what you see out there to determine the level of someone’s comfort. I don’t know why they think I am rich, but I am comfortable. My status has changed obviously, different from how it all began for me.

Maybe because of you clientele; when you work with big clients, definitely you charge them big…

I have big clients and at the same time, I still work with average people, and of course, you can’t charge them the same money. Besides, it’s not every time you have big clients coming to patronize you, except for somebody like Mudi, my mentor, who has big clients and they patronize him well. That’s why Mudi is my mentor, and I aspire to be like him.

Who are your major clients and how affordable are you now?

I am affordable, but for major clients, I will keep that private.

What else do you do aside fashion designing?

A lot of people don’t know I do other stuffs aside fashion. I am into interior decoration and stage planning/decoration for concert, but they come once in a while. However, fashion is my first calling. I spend all my time on fashion, showcasing my creative talent through fashion.

How would you describe your business in 2014?

2014 is a very good year for me, because I achieved a lot, about 80 to 90 percent of my set goals for the year. I am very grateful to God and I am sure, next year will be better and bigger than this year.

Aside moving into your house, what successes would you say you recorded?

Apart from moving into my house in Lekki, I acquired two cars this year, making the number of my cars three.

What other plans do you have to advance your business in 2015?

Bigger plans. Expect the best from me. First, I will take time to promote my collection, take it across the world. We have started already, that’s why you see Yomi Casual collection at my brother, AY’s show, both in Nigeria and US.

When are you getting married?

I will get married at the right time, but there are some things in your life you just have to keep private, one of it is marriage. To me, it’s a private matter. When it is time, you (ENCOMIUM) will be the first to know. No specific date yet.


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