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Yorubas opt for more trendy, longer names

Yorubas delight in giving their children names that connote deep meaning. Some are given based on what the couples passed through before having a child or even the battles the woman fought at the delivery room. Some names depict the awesomeness of God. 
Here are some of the trendy names Yorubas christen  their children now…
– God’s testimony is enough for me.
– God’s is seen in me.
God is with me
-God has given me joy.
– God has added to my joy.
– God has shown me love.
– There is no king as God.
-God has opened his royal diadem
– I belong to God.
-God is a great God.
– God’s grace.
-I know God’s goodness
-My goodness has come.
– I trust in God.
-Prayer is sufficient for me.
-God still performs miracles.
-God is a great God.
-God purposely blessed me.
-God used me as a pace setter to make my family rejoice.
And we spoke to those eho christened their children with funky names…
Mrs Aina
I waited for ten years before having her. I just wanted a name deep enough to express my gratitude to God. That was why I gave my daughter
Mrs Esther
It was difficult conceiving after I had my first child. Even when I became pregnant again, it was all negative reports. I eventually had him through C.S and we almost lost him so I gave him Eninlaloluwa.
Mrs Ajayi
I named my daughter Oluwafikayomi because I had a delay of six years
between my first child and the second one. When I had her, I gave her that name to show that God has added to my joy.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for encomium.ng 

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