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Young people no longer make love thanks to the internet!

Increase in online dating and messaging has caused more harm than good. The younger generation has never found it easier to find love. But it looks like new technology is having the opposite effect.
Study found that young people within the 16 and 21 age bracket have become engrossed in the internet, and they are having less sex than previous generations. One in three are totally abstaining from sex.
Researchers at Glasgow University, United Kingdom interviewed 2,300 Britons to establish the state of the nation’s love life.
Both men and women said lack of interest was one of their main reasons to avoiding sex. The rate of British young folks refraining from sex is now 28 percent, which is twice as high as what we have in the US.
A publication in a Journal of Adolescent Health, observed that pornography was the cause of young men’s inability to have meaningful sexual relationship. “Pornography may lead to unrealistic and harmful expectations of sex among young men.” It’s found that young people are having less sex than any of their predecessor.
Young people now prefer to socialise online rather than in person. This may also explains why teenage pregnancy rates are dropping, while older people’s libidos seems so healthy. The report noted that there had been too little attention paid to the problems of young people and their sexual responses. Adding that more than half of older men still have sex twice a month, while the young ones don’t.

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