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Youths urged to sustain peace in the country

In commemoration with the International Youth Day, Climate Wednesday in collaboration with Focus Initiative Concept engaged youths in a workshop tagged “Youth & Sustainable Peace in Nigeria”.  This workshop attracted youths from various Institutions in Lagos state and its environs.

It also attracted dignitaries like the former speaker of the National house of representatives; Hon. Sami Charles, former police public relations officer; Mrs. Dolapo Badmus, the acting president, National Youth of Nigeria; Yusuf Olatunji Kelani among others.

The workshop was preceded by a rally on Saturday, August 12, 2017 which is the International Youth Day. ENCOMIUM Weekly was at the workshop to hear from the horses’ mouth.


OLUMIDE IDOWU founder of Climate Wednesday

How would you assess the program?

The program is to renew the zeal of youths in ensuring we remember our relevance in our society and how we can take responsibility for our actions and that of others.

What is the program all about?

The program is to celebrate International Youth Day 2017 which is centred on youth building peace. The workshop is titled Youth and sustainable peace in Nigeria and we have different youths participants from Lagos and Ogun state. We are building resilience for youth by sharing every important success stories of great minds, we are also able to mobilize some other stakeholders to see other angles on how they can be part of the process we are looking at in celebrating our youth day.

Is climate Wednesday your NGO?

Yes I am. Climate Wednesday, is registered as International Climate Change Development Initiative. We partner with Focus Concern Initiatives to make this workshop happen.

How do you intend to touching life through the International Youth Day?

We are touching lives with spoken words and actions. We also had a rtally to make our voice heard on our demand for lasting peace in Nigeria. Our #PeaceWalk also gives us an edge towards having the Commissioner of Youth and Social Development and this was a great way to express our minds to the government and demand for a better community for us and generations to come.

What makes this day special?

This is a day we usually celebrate every year and we have been doing this for years. We decided to do this base on the security issues in the country presently and to see how young people can be part of curbing the menace we are facing.

What do you understand by International Youth Day?

International Youth Day is a day we celebrate the youth around the world and to remind ourselves the need to keep our community in peace in our own little way.


FUNMI OLOTUN founder of Focus Initiative Concept

What is the program all about?

Focus Initiative Concept is all about focus enterprise on youth and education, we are non-governmental and non-political. We empower and develop young leaders, when I mean young leaders, its not just youth, we catch them from early stage.

We are trying to change the mentality that youth empowerment should not start from the university, it should start from primary school because with rate where technology is going now, I think we need to start from primary school. So in this program, we are celebrating United Nations and International Youth Day and we are celebrating it with two events, first with this workshop and the rally we are to do on Saturday.

How will you assess today’s program?

Well, I thank God. Its so obvious. I like the interaction between the speakers and the youth. It will not end here, we will create a platform on line where people can participate fully because we need to practicalize it. So I am very happy with today’s program.


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