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Zaaki Azzay denies wife battering ‘I have never beaten my wife’

I go catch fire crooner, Zaaki Azzay has washed his hands off the wife battering tale that has been trailing him for some time. Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly in an exclusive telephone chat on Thursday, August 16, 2012, he told us that it is mere fabrication.

He also labeled those behind the rumour as cheap publicity seekers who were meant to tarnish his image.

“Let me state clearly here that I have never, for once beaten my wife. I didn’t drive her out, she left on her own volition and went to court for divorce, demanding N30,000 every month from me”.

We also asked him what transpired between him and his wife. His reply was “For now, I do not want to run foul of whatever the court ethnics are. From my understanding, once a matter is in court, every party strives as much as possible to refrain from making comments on such matter or anything relating to it.

As the hearing goes on, the general public will get to know what transpired between us. I don’t care if she runs to the press with her partners and post any comment online to tarnish my image. I am not ready to afford them the opportunity for cheap publicity which I am sure is what they are looking for but I believe a good lawyer should fight his case in court and not on pages of newspapers”.

Reacting further to Project Alert’s support for his estranged wife, he said “I love NGOs. I have always supported them because they are doing great work but I am surprised that Project Alert could take sides without making effort to talk to me. It could have been nice if they had made a move to talk to me, if truly they wanted to make peace, but nothing of such happened.

What they could do was to accommodate somebody that ran away from her matrimonial home and assisted her to use thugs to beat up my cousin, injure her on her way back from picking the children from school and forcefully adopted my children.

They went to court after that. You can go to the school, Pemdam Nursery and Primary School on Obanikoro Road, Lagos for investigation”, he concluded.

We probed him further, based on the allegation against him by his estranged wife. These were the questions thrown at him. “Is it true that your wife asked for a divorce? Is it true that your said cousin is not your cousin but your girlfriend? She also alleged that you have a girlfriend who equally is an artist, she is known as Best Lady, is it true? Is it also true that you don’t cater for your children adequately?”

All these he did not respond to, insisting that the matter is in court. The rumour started flying around on social media, a couple of days back that the anchor of True Nigeria, a television show has turned his wife to a punching bag.

It was alleged that Project Alert, an NGO that champions the course of women faced with matrimonial challenges, filed a case against the artist, accusing him of wife battering.

We gathered that Hadiza his wife, allegedly ran out of her matrimonial home to seek the help of the NGO when she couldn’t take the physical abuse.

Project Alert allegedly housed Hadiza but Zaaki allegedly trailed his wife there, through the police and MTN tracker. It was also alleged that the reason Zaaki usually punched Hadiza was because accusing fingers were pointing to her as the mastermind of her husband’s dwindling career.

Rumour mills also said that an organization known as Dorcas Generation Initiative led by Amara Blessing is allegedly assisting Hadiza to raise money to rent a place where she can stay with her children.

However, when ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the torch light bearing artist, he said that there is no element of truth in the tale.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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