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15 words you should know this Ramadan

The yearly holy month of Ramadan brings to the fore many terms generously uttered by Muslims.

And here are 15 commonly used words in Islam:    


  1. Solat – Obligatory prayer.
  2. Duha – Supplications.
  3. Hajj -Islamic annual pilgrimage to Mecca.
  4. Ta’jud – Vigil.
  5. Ibadah – Worship.
  6. Zakat – Obligatory charity.
  7. Sodaqah (mini zakat) – Alms giving.
  8. Fisabilillahi – Voluntary donation.
  9. Sawm – Fasting.
  10. Iman (first pillar of Islam) – Faith.
  11. Al-Quran – Islamic holy book.
  12. Itikaf – A form of camping in Ramadan.
  13. Zakat-l-fitri- Obligatory charity at the end of Ramadan.
  14. Iftar- Food eaten to break fast at sunset.
  15. Sahur – Food eaten at dawn to start fast.



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