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7 things to get your private part clean and healthy 

A healthy vagina, clean and free of germs, has no odour, never itches,  does not have any discharge and is painless with no burning sensation .

Achieving this seemingly difficult state requires only  conscientious steps and practices.

Dr. Ahmed Ismael, a London based gynecologist, writing for Healthista, recommends the following to achieve a clean and healthy privates…

1. Use your own towels in public places

Either paper or cloth towel, always carry one around to spas, swimming pools, saunas, etc.

2. Wash your vagina with water and regular soap

Forget ‘medicated’ or anti-bacterial soaps as they change the pH balance there.

3. Wear cotton pants and bras

They are well ventilated and prevent unnecessary sweat.

4. Clean everything you insert in your vagina

From hands to objects, keep them clean.

5. Avoid tight clothes

They help in multiplying germs.

6. See your doctor regularly

Even if you don’t have a partner.

7. Forget anal sex

The danger of infection is too high.



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