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9 fresh questions for Kalu Ikeagwu over arrest mess

Following the press statement of star actor Kalu Ikeagwu on his arrest mess, more questions are begging for answers as the details are still sketchy and ambiguous.

The arrest in front of his Ogba (Lagos) house on Monday, September 26, over a stolen phone is still wrapped in secrecy.


And here are questions that need more clarity:

  1. Are the policemen in mufti with an unmarked bus fake (since some adorned earrings and had fake identity cards)?
  1. What exactly did they say the offense was?
  1. Who is using the phone purportedly stolen and where was it bought?
  1. Was any other person arrested in connection to the stolen phone?
  1. Which police formation was Kalu Ikeagwu taken to?
  1. Has he reported the incident to Lagos Police Command since he was harassed and thought the abductors were fake?
  1. Can he identify some of the policemen that arrested him?
  1. Has he written a petition on the harassment?
  1. Why was he reluctant to state his side of the story before now as reached out to him yesterday morning (Tuesday, September 27)?

These are questions that need urgent answers…





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