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Bello’s supporters in Kogi in victory dance

The supporters of Yahaya Bello, the governor of  Kogi, are enraptured, dancing for victory as the Elections Tribunal, sitting in Abuja, ruled that he was duly elected!

The tribunal ruled against James Faleke, stating that his failure to join the  Independent Electoral Commission in his petition fatally injured his case.

The tribunal ruled that Faleke lacked locus standi in challenging the substitution of late Abubakar Audu with Yahaya Bello, since he (Faleke) didn’t participate in the primaries. That our constitution does not approve independent candidates since political parties have the powers to conduct primaries and present candidates for elections.

That since the November 21, 2015, governorship elections was inconclusive, and Audu died the day after the elections, All Progressives Congress could present another candidate.

Parties are vested with presenting candidates, and INEC invited APC to forward the name of another candidate after Audu’s death.

The votes cast in the election were duly registered for APC.

Faleke had approached the tribunal, basing his case on the fact that Bello didn’t participate in the election.

Faleke had run as the deputy governor with Audu, who unfortunately died.

Here are some views of Bello’s supporters…


Supreme Court will determine this case. Every other judgement is judicial jumboism.



How justifiable is this? Anyway,the whole event was unpredictable from the onset. Not surprised tho undecided angry



IFA lo ma pada leke



Faleke was actually over ambitious. Why go against your party?



i dont knw hw d tribunal arrive at dis judgement, if falake case is dismiss what den is d faith of wada..d tribunal jst waisted 3 good month to finally arrive at dis..i sorry for nigeria judicial system. falake dont give up take ur case to appeal court because i bliv u hv a strong case.



Make lawyers settle down chop faleke Money first. He will lose anywhere he goes.

Meanwhile, One down, two to go



there is no any judgement until the supreme court final judgement. it is not over yet



Faleke does not have a good case . I said it before and it’s playing out. Besides did faleke vote in Lagos or Kogi?



Just allow Bello show what he gat na!



please yahaya Bello please pay the striking lecturers so that we can return to school.



If supreme Court over turns this case I will seize to be a Nigeria. This judgement is clear and straight forward falake is just wasting time



Justice in Nigeria is for the highest bidder



The judgement is clear, with lots of precedent in cases like this, it’s the party that sponsors candidate. The votes belong to the party, and the party can deem it fit to substitute whoever is representing them in any unforeseen circumstances such as this.



I wud really want faleke to see reasons wt d court verdict as destine circumstances from God himself. I definitely no he cant win in case in any competent court. is only a blind man wud want to give a dead man hope to resurrect after bin buried



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