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Bisola weds Tobi: Bisola is a very responsible and hardworking girl – Dr Wale Ogunbadejo (Groom’s father)

We will like to congratulate you on your son’s wedding today.

Thank you.

How does it make you feel? 

I am greatly grateful to God for making today to be what we wanted it to be and even beyond my expectations. This was just to be an introduction. I didn’t know it was going to be this big. And of course, they also added a Nikkai to it. Which means that, as from now on, they are already married. Whatever else we do is just to fulfil all righteousness.

They are already married from today before God and man.
I am very grateful for today because of the children of these days…My son has been a very good boy, no doubt about that. He graduated from Babcock and he is working in a very good place. The lady too, from the day I met her, she has shown that she is a well brought up girl. Very responsible and hardworking girl. As slim as she is, she can do ten things at the same time. She is just a wonderful girl.

So, I am happy for the two of them that they have found themselves after whatever experience they might have had in the past. I am praying for God to bless their wedding in all ways. I have been married to the mum for 33 years. My prayer is that they will have such a wonderful marriage that will last till God calls them.

I am very happy because he is my first son. I have only two sons. I am very happy that he is getting married today when I and my wife are alive and well.

Are you saying this is the first marriage ceremony you will be organising for any of your children? 

No, this is the third wedding. The two daughters before him are married. He brings another person to join the Ogunbadejo family. I have given out before. Now l am bringing in. This is also my first time prostrating for somebody.

When your son told you his wife is from Ikorodu, did you have any misgiving? 

No, no, no, I have never judged people based on where they are from. Each person must prove himself or herself. Such things never crossed my mind.

For how long have you known Bisola before your son told you she is the person he is getting married to?

Close to four years or thereabouts. I used to call her size 2 lady because, when I come home some days, I will see this tiny looking pairs of shoes and I will ask who is this size 2 lady in the sitting room? When I also met the mum, she is such a humble, hardworking, genuine human being, very unassuming. She will say her mind the way it is. I am sure my son has married to a good home. I am assuring her mum that her daughter too is married into a good home. I have taken Bisola as my daughter. I pray that by His grace their marriage will be blessed beyond our expectations



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