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Bisola weds Tobi: ‘Bisola is very humble and easy going’ – Mrs. Funmilola Ogunbadejo (Groom’s mother)

We congratulate you on your son’s wedding today? 

Thank you very much.

How do you feel seeing your son getting married today? 

I feel good, great and happy. I give thanks to the most high God.

Was it something you have been expecting for long? 

Yes, because he is my first son. I thank God.

Did you put any pressure on him before he decided to settle down? 

No, he did out of his own free will. He was the one who came to us that he was ready.

For how long would you say you have known Bisola? 

I have known Bisola for four or five years now. That was when he brought her home.

What would you say you like about her? 

She is very humble and easy going girl. She is a very well trained lady. I see that in her mum too.

What are your expectations from this marriage? 

I pray that God blesses their marriage spiritually, financially and fruitfully.

What is your advice to them?

My advice to them is that they should be each other’s best friend. They should put God first in everything they do. They should always commit everything to God’s hand. They should pray together, plan together and must always communicate with each other. By God’s grace, they will have a successful marriage.



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