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Bisola weds Tobi: ‘We were friends for two years before we started dating’ – Bisola Odunayo (Bride)

Let’s start by congratulating you on your wedding today.

Thank you very much.

How does it make you feel? 

I am excited and happy. I have been waiting for this day and it is finally here.

Is it something you’ve been waiting for long? 

Yes, it is.

For how long have known Tobi?

I have known him for about five to six years. We have been friends for a long time.

How did you meet him? 

On my birthday in 2012, a friend of his used my picture as his DP to wish me a happy birthday. He now asked him who is this girl on your DP? He got my contact from his friend and sent me a birthday greetings. From then on we became friends. We were friends for about two years before we started dating.

When did he propose?

That was in March this year.

How did he propose? 

He called me to get him a document from a place. I went to give him the document and right there he did it.

What is your expectation from this marriage? 

A fruitful marriage, full of peace, joy, understanding and most importantly the fear and presence of God.

How many children are you looking at in this marriage? 

Maximum of three.

He said two?

Yes, two but a maximum of three.

Let us know more about you. 

My name Abisola Odunayo. I am a legal practitioner. I practice full time.

In Lagos Island. I am working with a firm that is into aviation and commerce.



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