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Buhari’s Ogoni cleanup excites as concerns over funding linger

As President Muhammadu Buhari gets set to flag off the cleanup of Ogoni, a Niger Delta town ravaged by oil pollution for more than a decade; many Nigerians have welcomed the development with excitement.

There are some concerns about funding for the project, which experts say is likely to take more than twenty years to complete.

Addressing the funding concern, the Minister of Environment, Mrs. Amina Mohammed assured that funding was not an issue. She said that aside from the $1billion commitment for the programme, other government agencies and oil companies would be involved in making funds available.

She said, “I doubt that the work will stop. I think first and foremost, the ‘Polluter pays’ principle is up and doing and oil companies are paying for what they do. In this particular case, there’s been a commitment of $t billion and the governance structure that we are putting in place will involves the governing council, which will determine the programme and how the road map is being implemented.”

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