Do university relationships lead to marriage? (2)

Tertiary institutions all over the world are synonymous with whirlwind romances that fizzle out like the morning dew. But it’s still domiciled at campuses.

ENCOMIUM Weekly, asked some university graduates about how relationships on campuses could lead to marriage. Here are their responses…


BABALOLA OLUWOLE – Yes, it does. I met my wife in school and we are happily married with four children.


BOLA BADMUS – No, it is very hard for such relationship to come close to marriage in Nigeria because there are no jobs and the girl will expect the guy to be financially stable so, he could take care of her. Parental influence is also involved, peer pressure and so on. So it does not work at all.


TUNJI BADEJO – Yes, it does most times, though it depends on the type of relationship you are keeping while in the university. Most couples in serious relationships end up together and I know a few that are happily married.


NATASHA OKECHUKWU – Not in all cases but in most cases, it does not because both parties are still young and growing up so, they use that period to develop their knowledge about relationship and prepare themselves for marriage. If they can stand the test of time and be truthful to themselves, then they are perfect for marriage.


FEMI OJO – It does and it does not too. It is all about determination and perseverance. Both of them have to be matured for it to work.


NIYI ADEYELE – Yes, it does. I met my wife to be in the university and soon she will be in my house, taking care of our home and our children.


SEUN ADEPOJU – Most relationships hardly result to marriage these days, but years back university relationships were able to yield marriage. But now girls tend to marry at younger age than the guys and they don’t want to marry a man that they would start from the scratch together. Rather, they want a readymade man.

Also, university girls do not get serious with their mates because they will benefit nothing from it. That is why they prefer sugar daddies.


EMMANUEL ADEYEMI – No, it does not. It is trash because a large percent of such end up at the school gate. Most guys in the university date because they want to keep up with the trend and satisfy their sexuality.


NGOZI IBEKWE – Yes, it does. I met my husband in the university in 1998 and we have been married for years now and I am proud of him.


NDIDI CHUKKA – Yes, it does but not always, depending on the reason the relationship is based on. If it is love, then it will work. But if it is on lust, then it will not work. Both of them have to be patient and Godfearing. They have to be sincere with each other and also hardworking and it will work.


LOLA SUMONU – No, most university relationships do not work because most girls get carried away emotionally and forget the reason why they came to school, while the guy will enjoy the best part of the girl and after school, the guy will resort to prestige and financial stability which the girl cannot give.

So, the guy will have to look for a girl; with better result that can get a job and support him.


FUNKE OLABISI – Yes, it does but it depends because both of them have to be matured while they are in school, so that it can work. But it does not depend on the university because every relationship that will last will last.


OLUBUMI OLADAPO – For me I will say yes or no because be you in the university or not, any relationship a lady enters, definitely she is looking forward to marriage. So, it does not need to be in the university for your marriage to last.


KEN MOSES – It depends on the individuals involved in the relationship. It can work if it is the will of God, because I got married to my university girlfriend after dating her for eight years.


LARA BALOGUN – Yes, it does, it depends on the degree of maturity of the two people involved. But most times, some end at the gate. That is why it is important for both of them to define their relationship.


TOWOBOLA AKEEM – It is a game of luck. Some people meet their missing rib in the university. For example, I met my wife in church when I was in school. She was a regular member in church and I was in the choir. Then I used to have a crush on her but I could not tell her because she was a big girl.

After school, we went for service. After service, I met her again at an eatery then we spoke and all that. Later became friends and now we are married. So, it is a game of luck.




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