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Entertainer, Yemi Sax speaks excitedly on the joys of marriage and fatherhood

‘It’s the best thing in the world’

TALENTED saxophonist, Yemi Adeosun, popularly known as Yemi Sax has every reason to be thankful.  He has been enjoying a blossoming career.  This year, God blessed him with a beautiful wife and a lovely son as well.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the young father recounts his journey so far and joys of fatherhood and sundry issues.

yemi sax1What is new about Yemi Sax?

I just want to thank God because this year has just been wonderful.  From my marriage, child birth and every other thing, I thank God for that.  It is almost the end of the year, I have a couple of things to do, in and out of Nigeria.  Even at that, I am dropping a promo CD.  I will also drop a couple of videos.  I know one will be ready before the end of the year.

By God’s grace, 2014 will be a year of giving back. I will do a lot of giving back, I am a United States ambassador, and giving back is part of our duty.  A lot of things will also come up.

Sometime ago, you went on a tour to the U.K and South Africa, can you tell us about it?

Yes, that is true.  They were all career related, performance here and there.  That is the life of an artiste.  You can be here today and tomorrow, you are off to the United Kingdom. It is an everyday thing.

Tell us about the artistes on your record label.

Presently, I have only one, Lamboghiny. He is also an NDLEA ambassador.  We are working on the march against drug abuse.  He just shot a video featuring Olamide.  It is entitled, Gbaladun.  We are also working towards his album.

Lamboghiny has been there for a while because of all other stuffs that he does but musically, I am just trying to rebrand him.  He has a lot to offer.  I know with the help of God, people will get to see and hear a lot from him.

Why did you decide to join the march against drug abuse?

It is actually Lamboghiny’s project, as an artiste on my label, I just have to give him my full support.

How are you enjoying fatherhood?

Fatherhood is sweet, you have something always calling you back home.  It is the best thing in the world.  I am really grateful to God.  I got married to a wonderful woman.  She understands the nature of my work, even when I have to travel outside Lagos or outside Nigeria.  When I have to come back very late or the next day, she understands.  I thank God for the kind of woman God gave me.

Has anything changed about you?

I don’t think so, I am still the person people know me to be. I can say that marriage has made me more responsible, there is this feeling that I cannot just do things on my own anymore.  I have my child and my wife to cater for.  It is not just about Yemi Sax again.

yemi-sax-september-2013-babyboypixWhat is the greatest thing about being a father?

Seeing a product from your loins.  It is just God’s favour. It is not how far, there are a lot of people who have been married for quite a number of years without a child.  I just thank God for the opportunity.

Has fatherhood brought more challenges to your table?

The fact that you have to carry two other people along, as you are thinking about your future, you are also thinking about your family.  It is something that makes me happy all the time.  I don’t see them as challenges anyway.  Rather, they put me on the track, it is a good thing anyway.

How many more should we expect?

Trust me, I am not that kind of person that wants to have a lot of children. I am sure my woman is the same. Let God’s will be done.

Were you there when she had him?

I was there live, throughout.

How was the experience?

It was a great experience really.  I think it is good for men to be around when their wives are in labour. It helps relieve the pain.  With what I saw, I had to keep assuring her everything was going to be well.  When you are in pain, and you see your loved ones beside you, it eases the pain and tension.  It really worked for me.With the kind of news I have heard about child birth, God just took control of everything.  You need to see her, you wouldn’t know that she gave birth about two months ago.  It is just the favour of God.

What are the names you gave him?

He is the first born, so he has a lot of names but we call him Ademide Gold Adeosun.




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