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Genevieve ignores wedding call-off tale

Genevieve Nnaji, the well decorated actress with many mega movies to lay claim to, refused to speak to Encomium Weekly at the weekend about the Milan (Italy) wedding called off at the last minute.

Said to be attending a film festival in Canada, our efforts at hearing her side of the story was unsuccessful as she refused to respond to our calls or text messages on Saturday, September 10.

Our call at 1:55 pm was ignored. But at 4:27, a lady picked up our call and asked about our mission. She promised she would relay our message to the star actress after we told her we needed to speak with Genevieve urgently.

The text messages we sent at 1:08 pm and 2:05 pm were never replied.

In the first message, we wrote :

‘Good afternoon. How are you today? I will like clarifications concerning the story flying around about a Milan wedding called off by your fiancé. Kindly let me know if l can call now. Best wishes…’

The second message read:

‘Hello? I called about the cancelled wedding slated for Milan. I just want a confirmation or denial. I will call again soon. Best wishes…’

That evening, when we called again at 5:17 pm, a lady who identified herself as Chinny advised that we should call Genevieve when she returns to Nigeria. That at the moment she was attending a film festival…



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