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-Tributes abound as Olatunji Adedeji Okusanya goes home

TUNJI Okusanya’s closest family members -wives and children – recounted the fondest memories they shared with the kind-hearted undertaker who led MIC to continental acclaim before he died in the October 3, 2013, Associated Airlines plane…

TUNJI OKUSANYA’s first wife reveals their love story

‘These 38 years are wonderful’

DSC_0477Olatunji Adedeji, my very good friend. In spite of all odds ours was such an unusual and unique friendship that many marvel at.

Tunji, you were kind and compassionate to a fault.  Many say you are very generous now, but I say you have always been, right from our student days.  I remember your holiday jobs at French Connection in London you were always giving away the clothes you bought to friends.

I think of our small beginning, which was a lot of fun, with no false pretences and I praise God.

I thank the Almighty God for Bolanle and Jay, the beautiful fruits the Lord blessed us with.  It’s such a shame that Jay had to go with you.  God has a reason for allowing things to happen.  We may never understand His wisdom, but we simply have to trust His will.  Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ Jesus.

Nobody can take away from us the beautiful memories of the 38 years we knew each other.  The world and all in it are nothing but VANITY!!

I didn’t know that was to be your last, when you walked the whole length of Kings Road, London in August 2013 and you called to say you were in front of Chelsea Town Hall (Registry) with sweet memories.

I am so glad you were able to see our grandchildren in England before you left.

I cherish our conversation on the night before your departure and pray that all your children will benefit from your good works.

Tunji, you came, you saw and made a remarkable difference.  To God be the Glory.

Good night, Tunji.



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