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-Tributes abound as Olatunji Adedeji Okusanya goes home 

Second wife, DEBOLA relives good times

‘He treated me like a queen’

Second wife, Debola

Second wife, Debola

It was over 20 years ago that we met.  You were a gentle warrior, strong and steadfast in your determination when you wanted something, yet so patient and gentle.

You conquered me through love and won me through kindness.  And throughout all the years of marriage you continued to show these same traits.  How is it possible not to have adored you when you showed such care and kindness towards me?  You were a true example of a loving and selfless husband.  How lucky I was to be married to the type of a man who knew and understood the value and importance of a contented wife leading to a happy life!

Even though you were so busy and so driven in your work you still found the time to nurture me and take care of my needs.  For example, when the Lord called me to set up a church I was truly blessed by the support you showed. In those early days before we acquired the church building you were the one to suggest that we use our home for those early church gatherings.  You opened our home and welcomed the congregation with warmth and hospitality.  On occasions when I travelled out of town you still continued to allow the weekly meetings to take place at home. It’s no wonder that you were nicknamed ‘Bishop’ by the members of the church!  You treated me like a queen.  You stood guard around me, never letting dark shadows impinge on our life.  With you around, my life was brighter, my vision clearer.  You never curtailed me, you gave me total freedom and support to follow my dreams.  You protected and shielded me from life’s negatives and for that I will eternally honour you.  How is it possible not to want to build a life with you when I see how you have dedicated yourself to your family?

Those two last holidays we took together with the boys, to Paris last December and London this summer were wonderful affirmations of our life and our family.

We were able to really relax and just enjoy each other’s company.  You are an excellent father to Opemipo, Ladipo and Nifemi.

They felt the security of your care and warmth of your love all their lives.  You have been their biggest cheerleader, their close confidant and their comrade in arms.

Your energy and liveliness meant that not only are you the father they looked up to and respected but also their friend. They knew that you were working hard to provide them with the wonderful life they have and great opportunities they are experiencing, and for that we will eternally be grateful to you. How is it possible not to have admired you when you showed such humility, dedication and sincerity throughout your life?

There were many a time when I told you to slow down, be a bit selfish and take time for yourself.

But you could never turn your back on someone in need and you certainly could never do anything less than the best.

Over the years you have taken care of the poor and desperate.  You never failed to respond when asked for help.

Professionally too, you have been a rock and comforter to so many people in their darkest hours, even though you would sometimes come home and weep at the loss of a young person or a tragic demise.  You were always so driven, striving to do the best and giving full care and attention whatever personal toll it took on you.

You were the general leading your troops in the service of others and you paid the ultimate sacrifice, dying in the line of duty.  And for that, I will eternally respect you.

Tunji, you have been my strength for so long.  We have grown older and wiser together, accepting each other despite our flaws, understanding each other better as each year has gone by. I was so looking forward to spending many more years with you, growing old with you.

It seems unreal that I am facing the biggest trial of my life and you are not here by my side.

Although I can no longer see you, touch you, talk to you, I take solace in my memories of the strong, kind, generous, funny and thoughtful man that you were, and for that I will eternally love you.  Sun re o, Olatunji, Omo Oladipupo, Omo Olayemi, Oko Adebola Apinke.



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