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How often you should wash your clothes after use

How many times should you wear a piece of clothing before you dip it in water or take it to the dry cleaners? It depends on the item!

That’s the verdict of a popular publication, The Real Simple Guide to Real Life : Adulthood Made Easy. It claims that the process to determine how often you should wash or dry clean any item is far more scientific than previously thought.
And recommends the following :
* Bras – after three to four wears
* Trousers and skirts – after six to seven wears
* Hosiery – after every wear
* Jackets and Blazers – after five to six wears
* Jeans – after four to five wears
* Leggings and yoga pants – after one to three wears
* Pyjamas – after three to four wears
* Shapewear – one to three wears
* Shorts and khakis – after two to three wears
* Swimsuit – after every wear
* T-shirts, tanks and camisole – after every wear
* Tops and dresses – after one to three wears ( formal dresses after every wear)
* White items and silk – after every wear



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