I snubbed Jim Iyke, others to join Iyanya’s Triple MG, TEKNO reveals

Tekno is one singer that can be classed as one of the exciting young artistes with great promise. The 19 year old starlet who has made a name for himself from his Abuja base with his highly rated singles, Onyenekwu and Holiday was recently snapped up by Iyanya’s record label, Triple MG. The singer, songwriter, producer who has also featured in tracks such as Iyanya’s Ekaette, Rakaka with K-Switch, White Nigerian’s Dirty Wine, among others, in this exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke on his reasons for joining Triple MG. He also revealed how he snubbed several suitors for his signature, including Nollywood’s recently delivered popular actor, Jim Iyke.

...with Ubi Franklin

…with Ubi Franklin

What type of music do you play?

Basically, I sing music. I won’t say one pattern or the other but in Nigeria you know how it is, you have to sing a song that people can jump up to. Whatever music it is, I sing music.

You’re saying you can do all kinds of music?

I can do whatever. I’m not going to rap, but I can sing whatever, yeah.

What stands you out as an artiste?         

I think my biggest selling point is my stage craft. I also try my best and look good for the ladies and look good for the people and try and keep a lifestyle that the youth would want to live up to, me looking good and being on stage to do what I do best.

How did you find your way into music?

Basically, I’ve been playing the piano since I was eight. My dad enrolled me for piano classes, so I didn’t just start singing, I learnt music from childhood. I actually play the basic instruments like the piano, the guitar and drums. Music is a way of life, I’ve been in music and I will always be in it.

Under what management were you before signing for Triple MG?

I was with K.Money. K.Money is an amazing person, a kind of person that if any artiste finds his way into his management, the person should just thank God. He’s a person that can go to any length for you. Now I’m in Triple MG and it’s amazing.

1-1 (29 of 37)Did you have any other offers before you joined Triple MG?

I had some offers. I had from Pukano Music, from Jim Iyke, from a lot of people. There was also this guy that owns Tetrazzini or so, called Prince. There were offers from several quarters but whatever was meant to happen would happen for the best and I believe it’s God who guides my footstep because whatever you do, you acknowledge God, all the way. God has been there leading me through the right path. Wherever I find myself right now, it’s not by my talent or by whatever I think I can do but I think somehow, God shows the way and I take the right path.

Why did you choose Triple MG?

I won’t say there’s a reason I joined but I must state that Triple MG is a family, a home, a place where you’re in and no one feels like he’s a star. I’m with Iyanya, Ubi, Basci and Emma Nyra and it’s an amazing thing because we can all relate quite easily. I’ve actually known Iyanya for a while, we weren’t that close but you know, if in five years from now, you asked me if I would join Triple MG, I’ll say yes. If you asked me two years back, I’d say yes. So I’m here because it’s meant to happen.

When exactly did you sign for Triple MG?

It was a gradual process, but it just finally occurred. It is still going to be made official.

So how’s the experience been in the house since joining?

The experience is amazing, recording with Iyanya in the studio, going out for shows, being in the house, watching football, playing soccer and winning everybody in the house as a bad man wey I be, I’m happy I’m here.

...with Emma Nyra

…with Emma Nyra

What do you hope to achieve with your new family?

I’m going to go round the world with Triple MG, we’ll play good music, and make a lot of money. A lot of people say they do music for the love and not the money but on my part, I’m doing music for the love but I’m going to make a lot of money because if there’s no money involved, I don’t think there’s any use putting your time, energy and talent in it. You won’t tell me you are doing it for the love then you’ll be doing free shows. With Triple MG, we are going to make history.

How long is your contract for?

It will be made official.

How many official singles did you have before joining Triple MG?

I’ve dropped two singles, Holiday featuring Davido and Onyenekwu, the original Onyenekwu and the remix featuring Ice Prince and the video is coming out soon under Triple MG.

So what should music lovers expect from you?

Oh my Lord, there are things coming your way. I’m not going to say when but just know that your favourite boy Tekno with Triple MG are coming hard.

Who are your influences in music?

It’s Chris Brown. He’s just a character I love.

Tell us about your family?

There is really nothing much to say. My dad and my mum, I have five brothers and one sister. One of my brothers actually passed, so I have four brothers now.

You’re from which State?

I’m from Ebonyi State.

Have you fully moved to Lagos now or you’re still shuttling Abuja and Lagos?

I’m in Lagos fully, I am a Lasgidi boy now. I was previously based in Abuja and I conquered the city. I’m the biggest artiste out there. If you go there and say Tekno, they’ll say yeah, that’s the man and I’m thankful to God for that. It’s ABJ to Lasgidi and from Lasgidi it’s going to be around the world and I’m keeping it real.

What about school?

I’m studying online, that’s it for now.

Is your girlfriend moving to Lagos with you?

There’s no girlfriend now.

What’s your look about, the blonde hair and all?

There was a time they used to call me the golden boy. The golden boy was there before the hair, somehow it just happened. I tried it out, it made a lot of sense, that’s the hair I was rocking in Holiday video and I went back to the black hair and everyone was like no way, you have to come back to your blonde and all that and I brought it back. The look is great, a lot of people love the look and I’m going to bring you guys a lot of swag.




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