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I’ve been extremely lucky, Kemi Adekomi relives 5 months as a Nollywood sensation

Kemi Adekomi is barely five months in Nollywood and she’s already a sensation with quite a number of movies under her belt.

The interior decorator who presents on radio and television tells about her lucky streak…

Tell us a little about your background? 

I was born and grew up here in Lagos. 

I attended Secondary school in Lagos and my  University education in Ogun State and graduated with a BSc in MICROBIOLOGY. 

Kemi Adekomi

After a couple of years of working in a corporate organization, I went to study Interior Design, as I knew I had some things inside me yet to be explored in that area, which had been clear from the onset but was not picked early enough. 

I have always been tailored for Arts but found myself in the sciences before I could solely make such decisions with precision. 

Since your venture into interior design, how has it been? 

Well, for me it’s total fulfilment. It’s something I’ve always had inside of me, but could not explore until after University education. 

I call INTERIOR DESIGN my 1st love. 

It’s been a rewarding experience since I resigned to pursue my own dreams, (precisely July 2010). 

I have done and still do every bit of it, corporate, residential, et al… 

Kemi Adekomi

You are now a media personality, how did you veer into it?  

You see, I’m a multi-talented woman and I give it all to God.  I said I’ve always been tailored to the Arts but found myself in science class at that time when it wasn’t fully my decision which way to go, I mean after Primary school. 

So, the media has also always been a part of me. 

Most people have once told me I should have read mass communication or Law and I totally agree. It will be lame to pretend I don’t know why, because I do. I think I’m a fine speaker I guess! 

So, being who I am (always wanting to be a professional in all I do), as soon as I got the chance, I attended the Pioneer and Prestigious NATIONAL BROADCAST ACADEMY (formerly called FEDERAL RADIO CORPORATION OF NIGERIA, FRCN) and bagged a certificate course in Presentation.

This thus started my career in Media and as a professional Presenter/Host.

You are now a Nollywood sensation, how did this start?

In my career in media, I find myself interpreting lines, rehearsing lines, which I do as a presenter, and so thought I could as well go fully into acting, especially as I had a history  as a child actor in primary school, Sunday school, university, NYSC camp and people had oftentimes commended my acting, I felt it was no use burying my talent… So I gave it a thought. 

I had reservations about this initially though, in fact, dropped the thought for many years, then finally decided it’s something I want to do, hence my journey into film. 

As usual, of course, got myself trained as an actor as well. 

I also hope to Produce someday soon. 

Kemi Adekomi

  5. What roles have you played as an actor? 

My journey into Nollywood as a PROFESSIONAL actor began early this year (Surprisingly) and thankfully I’ve featured in quite a number of productions, between March 2018 and now (August 2018), most yet to be released.

So I readily agree with the saying that ‘It is not how long, but how well.”

When I hear people say they have been going for Auditions for years, yet ‘notin dey show’, I usually pause to thank God for the ability and grace to move so quickly. 

Some of my features are: ‘On my honour’ (as Mama Peace), ‘Suspect zero’ (as Natali), ‘Embassy’ Series (as Bunmi), ‘Street kid’ (as Spelling Bee coordinator- teacher), ‘In my closet’ (as a State Prosecutor-Lawyer) and a number of other appearances, about eight or nine so far in a space of four-five months. 

I have had to turn down some jobs though, either because of other engagements as a media personality or because I am not okay with the role. 

Speaking of roles, as an Actor, which role(s) can you not play? 

This is a sensitive one because there is this argument that as an actor, you should be able to play ALL roles, but I believe it’s a personal choice. 

Kemi Adekomi

I will NOT play a NUDE role for any reason, for any amount. 

Neither will I engage in DEEP ‘French’ kiss, with either male or female. 

Please note: My reason remains personal to me, not because it’s bad. Noooo! there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with any of the aforementioned, it’s all acting! 

Moreso, we are NOT who we portray in films. 

Who are your favourite actors? 

I have quite a number of favs in Nollywood and Hollywood, but I remember many years ago when the thought of acting professionally first came to mind (before I tossed the idea away), the person I always tried to ‘copy’ then was Uche Jombo. 

What challenges have you faced so far as an actor?

I actually almost gave up within these five months so far… The pressure from a certain group of people was overwhelming! In fact, I gave up and picked up again. 

I picked up again because I realized it was unwise to live by people’s standard, or by what anyone thinks of Nollywood. They said only indecent people are found there (like seriously??) Initially I caved in because of overwhelming pressure but sprung up again because of the passion I have for the craft.

 I’m not here for fame or money, (yes it may come with it eventually) I just love interpreting roles. 

It’s not been easy, I tell you, especially when it’s people you hoped will support you! Even till now, it is still a battle, but I have resolved that no matter how filthy they say Nollywood is, I believe it is an individual decision that matters. After all, every industry has its filth! The same way some people say all lady marketers are… Will they stop working because of such lame thinkers?? No!  So the same goes for me personally. 

Well, that issue is rested already and I cannot be convinced otherwise anymore.

I respect and listen to counsel and opinions, oh I do! But trust me, not all are right and good! If it negates MY belief and is not a sin before God,(especially when their reasons are totally baseless) I can only say to them “thank you”…(Nollywood in retrospect). 

Where do you see yourself in a few years? 

I see myself being a radio and TV sensation by the grace of God.

I see myself being a name to be reckoned with in filmmaking as a Producer and Actor. 

I see my first ‘baby’ (Sunshine Interiors) being a household name in the world of Interior design in 


Kemi Adekomi

Lastly, how do you keep fit? You sure don’t look over 35 that you are, and have a great body even after having kids! 

Thanks for the compliment. 

I think it’s mostly, my good eating habit. I don’t eat a lot at all, people close to me know that. I also exercise when I can, I have a few pieces of equipment I use from time to time. Then I think genes as well, got it from my mum. She’s over 70 but doesn’t look like it one bit.  

So it’s a combination of all.

Kemi Adekomi



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