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K1 EXTRA: ‘I’m not dating DAYO AMUSA’

ON Sunday, October 13, 2013, ENCOMIUM Weekly was at Ule Ojusagbola, GRA, Ijebu Ode, the palatial home of fuji king, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Olasunkanmi better known as K1 de Ultimate, where we had an exclusive interview with him.

The Oluaye of Fuji as K1, is also known opened up on many issues, including his alleged romance with star actress, Dayo Amusa, alleged feud with daughter, Zainab Oyindamola, a.k.a Honey Bee over wearing of body-revealing dresses and much more…


As an icon, what’s your candid assessment of the Nigerian music industry?

Nigerian music industry is moving fine, and the way it’s now, there is hope that it will grow bigger in the nearest future because we have all segments of entertainment working fine.  We have a very bright and beautiful future in terms of succession now and the future.

How would you describe your own genre, fuji?

I have said it all, everything inclusive. I didn’t separate my genre from the others.  That’s why I said we have a foreseeable future because we have a lot of younger generations doing well including those in my genre.  So, I can boldly say that things are moving in the right direction.

But some people are saying fuji may not have a future as some younger people are now focused on hip-hop, what is your reaction to this?

I can assure you, fuji has a very bright and beautiful future. It has a lot to offer.  There are lots of younger ones doing the genre proud.  There is Kolade Onanuga, doing beautifully. Pasuma, Shefiu Alao, Saidi Osupa, Alao Malaika and so many others.  They are all doing well in holding the future of the genre.  As a matter of fact, if you conduct your research, you will agree with my assessment of the happenings in the genre.  It goes beyond somebody sitting in his living room and judging what’s going on on the street.  As the head, I know what’s going on in the genre, and I can tell you authoritatively that there is hope for fuji in future.

Recently, a lot of issues cropped up around your person, there was a time it was reported that your campaign posters for senatorial seat flooded Ijebu Ode and its environs, with the inscription K1 for Senate, what’s your reaction on this?

First, nobody would ever come out and say this is my poster or he saw anything from my person.  And I doubt if anybody would ever go out and paste a poster of me without my consent.  You should know that is impossible.  I am a politician, we are all politicians.  By looking at my family setting, I am a politician because I have children from different mothers.  And that’s politics on its own.  Another area, I have different people working in my establishment which is also politics.  Minus the fact that I engage myself in political planning with my clients or associates, I have never come out to tell anybody that I am seeking an elective office.  Having said that, I don’t know where people got that. Anyway, they can say anything, that’s their wish for me.  And I thank them for wishing me well.  When people wish you well, you need to appreciate them and thank God that they remembered you for good.  After all, you’re not the only one but if you’re given that kind of opportunity to be wished well, you need to be grateful to God.  That’s what they think they want for me, and I thank them.  But so far, so good everything is still a tale by moonlight.

But in the near future, would you like to go into active politics?

I am a politician but I am not seeking any elective post.

There was also the tale that you have fallen apart with your daughter, Honey Bee because of the body revealing dress she wore at the just concluded Nottinghill Carnival in London, what is the truth about it?

That’s very impossible.  Showbiz takes anything.  Honey Bee is in showbiz, and I don’t see anything different from what you see of people of her age.  If Beyonce from far America wore something like that, nobody will talk anything about it.  Americans feel proud of their people doing well in the area of entertainment.  We should stop talking about issues we shouldn’t talk about.  I am not a pastor and I don’t have a mark of an apostle of any religion.  My daughter has not done anything wrong.  We have seen many entertainers, including Rihanna, Madonna wearing something worse than what Honey Bee wore that day.  It’s all about showbiz.

But what could have informed the tale then?

People just like saying what they like. It was just their imagination.  Honey is my adorable daughter, and she is doing well.

How would you describe the future of her music?

She has a very promising future.  A lot of people that come across Honey know that she is our own brand of Rihanna and Beyonce put together.

So, you’re proud of her?

Very much proud of her.

What’s the relationship between you and Dayo Amusa because a lot of things have been said and written about both of you?

Dayo is my area daughter.  She is a lady I saw a lot of potentials in, and she is doing so well in her career.  When she came across me, I discovered the good talent in her, and I believed the only thing she needs was encouragement and support one can give her and that I did.  And I never regretted doing that.  She is a very focused lady.  I never regretted knowing Dayo Amusa.  Where she needs pet talk, I give her.  When we talk of assistance, it doesn’t necessarily have to be financial, it could be in form of chit-chat, giving one or two pieces of advice on what could keep one in line.  And every other good thing you can do to support that kind of person.  She also has counted me as a good father, and I also see a good daughter in her.  I never regret knowing her.  People should just stop saying what’s not right about Dayo Amusa and myself.  When you see two people together, you don’t start insinuating what’s not the true position of things between the two because doing that, you’re not helping the growth of the entertainment sector.

But when you got to know about the rumour that you’re dating her, how did you feel?

I never even felt anything because if you’re a liar, you will surely know you’re lying if at all those you’re lying to don’t know.  The truth of the matter is that I don’t have to be bothered about such a thing again.

At 56, you have been marvelously blessed, what more do you still want from God?

I am still looking up to God for more. No matter what you might have acquired, they are still not enough.  You keep asking for more.  As for me, asking for more does not mean they are necessarily meant for me but for the people around me.  Definitely, I will have to crave for more.  Then pray for long life and good health. I need abundance of wealth so that I can continue to be of assistance to very many people.

The last time we were here, you told us about your three-in-one celebration, including the launching of a book that chronicles your life and career but since nothing is heard about it, why?

Everything is on course.  As much as we want the very best, we’re also looking at the timing which is very important. In the last two years, Nigeria’s political setting has not been fantastic.  Also looking at the celebration itself and what we have ahead of us, that really necessitated the postponement.  But that does not mean we have jettisoned it. It could be by the next attainment of age that we will roll the tape.

What is the actual relationship between you and your manager, Percy Ademokun?

Percy is more than a manager, he is my friend and brother.  We have been doing things for quite long.  We don’t have any problem with each other.

But people said you have parted ways?

Those are the people who don’t know how we operate in our establishment. People that know about your workings should probably not wish you bad but pray for you and wish you well.  We’re well in our establishment and things are moving fine. People should not just come from nowhere and start insinuating what’s not true.

What is also the true relationship now between you and Pasuma, your godson?

First, everybody that knows me well will understand that I don’t make something out of non issue.  It’s never my practice.  Pasuma is my son, brother and so on.  I love him so much as I relate very well with him too.  So, I threw the opportunity open for others to come and enjoy.  When Pasuma came closer to me, people noticed that our relationship was going well, and they came in.  If you’re in the entertainment industry and you get to know the problems therein, you will understand that it’s purely people oriented.  People like saying things that may not be pleasant.  But we have gone pass all those things.  For instance, Pasuma was the one who sent a text message, informing me of the death of Shefiu Alao’s wife a few days ago, and that same night, I responded.

And the following day, he still made sure he followed it up by calling me, and I spoke to Shefiu right on Pasuma’s phone.  If we do not have cordial relationship, would he do that?

With all your assets and every other thing, what’s your financial worth right now?

I don’t know.  I believe all things belong to God.  And all praises due to Him.

As late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s godson, people expected that you could have raised a foundation in his name, is there anything like that in your plan?

Definitely, there is.  Late Ayinde Barrister’s family, including myself are doing something in that direction.  We’re into many things but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took many years after the death of Fela Anikulapo Kuti before his children could come up with Felabration.  So, it’s not yet late.  We’re definitely cooking something sumptuous.

How would you describe one year with your new wife, Titi, which has been blessed with a beautiful girl, Anjolaoluwa?

It has been wonderful.  We’re enjoying it.  We’re all happy in our family.  Since you came in, have you noticed any sign that we have problem?  I believe what you see here is what you tell the people out there.  As you can see, all my children have been arriving to celebrate Sallah with me. I have the honour of having my first son, Azeez and my little girl, Anjolaoluwa around me.  You can imagine the oldest and the youngest being together with me.

Since you released Tribute to my Mentor in 2011, nothing has come out from your stable, are you working on a new album?

Yes, we’re working on a new album which will be released soon.  I don’t rush things anymore.  But definitely, everybody should be expecting something beautiful, as usual, from the stable of K1 de Ultimate.




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