Ladies lament scarcity of eligible men

The hunt seems to be tougher for girls. People say there are more single women than men out there, perhaps it is too bad the cat can’t find her smart, funny and handsome man in this present day. ENCOMIUM Weekly confirmed this by chatting with some ladies who spoke about how difficult it is to find an ideal man today.

Yes, it is very, very difficult. Why I had to use the very, very because is it really difficult. It is not easy for a young girl to bring home a husband right now. It is not even easy to become a second wife. The height of it is even when the girl is pregnant for the boy; the boy will tell her to give birth to the child that he is responsible without even thinking of marrying her. So, it is difficult to find an ideal man.

Yes, extremely difficult to find an ideal man in this society of today. Most of these guys believe they are still young and age is on their side. Even the ones that are of age to get married still have girls who are willing to spread their legs open for them. So, it takes the grace of God to get a good man that is why most ladies get married to what they see because they are tired of being used by different men.

Yes, it is very difficult to find an ideal man because we have more irresponsible men than the responsible ones. Most boys now want to just get down with the woman and tell you that it is a man’s world. So, it is really sad to find a good guy unlike the days of our parents. Like I always tell my friends and myself keep bearing the pain till he marries you.

Yes, it is hard to find an ideal man to call your own in this 21st century that we are in because there is no truthful guy out there, out of 100 of guys, you can only find 10 that are good guys. And to come by that 10 percent is very difficult. The height of it is the kind of lie this guys tell all to get in between a girl’s leg. If you are not careful, you would have already fallen for it before you find out the truth. So, it is very difficult to find an ideal man to marry as a husband.

Yes, it is difficult. Let me use myself as an example. I have caught my boyfriend several times cheating on me but I dare not leave him because age is not on my side. And even the next guy I date might or would be worse than him and it is like starting again from the scratch. So, after thinking of all I will just stay and continue to bear the pain of the relationship like that and pray that God will change him.

Yes o, I totally agree with you there is no ideal man out there anymore. All the guys out there are useless boys, they have nothing good to offer. All they want is to taste the honey pot and leave when they are satisfied. No guy wants to be responsible at all.

Yes, there is no eligible husband again in this country, because we are exposed to a lot of atrocities. Even the eligible bachelors are not ready to settle down, because they have enough girls that they have to sleep with before thinking of sharing their body with only one woman. Though some ladies will still say yes, women get married every Saturday, but the truth is not all of them are happy with the marriage. Most ladies now get married because they are tired of living the single girl’s life. So, most of them go for anything just to be called a Mrs. Anything.

Yes, there are no more ideal men again. When we had ideal men was the days of our parents, not in this modern generation. May be because we have more women than men, that is why men no longer value relationships anymore. That is why men will have six to 10 girlfriends to himself and the girls know it and they are not complaining. So, it’s really very sad. I will advice every girl to be prayerful right now because it is very difficult to pick a man for a husband now.

Yes, there are no more ideal men out there. Everybody knows that because it is not something to hide anymore. Even married men are going about sleeping with girls, talk less of single guys that don’t have a woman they are responsible to. They have as many as possible that they want. So, right now, relationship is by luck and if you are in one hold it tight because the next guy will do worse than the present one.

Yes, there are no more eligible men to marry. There are many single girls out there that need to be married but they cannot because men of these days are running away from responsibilities, they don’t want any woman to tie them down with one need or the other. So, instead of them settling down, they prefer to jump from one woman to another.




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