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Lagosians applaud Ambode’s one year in office

‘He has done well’,  they echo

Sunday, May 29, 2016, marked exactly one year of Akinwunmi Ambode as governor of Lagos state. And to many Lagosians, his one year in office has brought a lot of positive changes to the state. Some Lagosians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this also corroborated the assertion.



Ambode is doing well in Lagos State. The man brought Light up Lagos, in-order to reduce the rate of accidents on the road. He has started repairing some roads that were abandoned by the past government. The state of security in Lagos has improved tremendously. The RRS and LASTMA are now up to their games.

Even the police are no longer the police we used to have. Every one now knows what to do because there is no time for play anymore. So, to me, Ambode is really doing fine and by the time he is through with Lagos State, I am sure we will have a better state.



Ambode is working very hard in Lagos and the city seems to be the only model APC can boast of. Lagos is rapidly developing after 16 years of PDP misrule. Ambode came in and proved PDP wrong. Every day, Lagos keeps dominating the early hours of the news. Lagos state has started registering jobless people. If you talk of health, Lagos state is there, when you talk about transportation, Lagos state is there, when you talk about security, Lagos State is there.

So, Ambode is really doing fine. We expect more from him.



Governor Ambode is doing fine in Lagos state. So far, he has been able to transform Lagos state beyond where it used to be in the time of the past governor. Security measures in the state can be said to be great. The Rapid Response Squad (RRS) are doing a good job. Also, the governor is doing a good job. The governor is doing his best in the health sector. Above all, I will tell you Governor Ambode is doing fine so far.



The governor is doing a great job. He is really on the mission to make Lagos a mega city. In transportation, health, security and other aspects, the governor is doing fine. We are still expecting more from him. Lagos state is the business capital of Nigeria. We need more from the governor. He should give us more social amenities that will benefit everybody in Lagos state.



Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s one year in office is laudable. He has done well in almost all the areas. He’s even faster than expected of some of us. I believe he will perform better in office. I think he should be encouraged.

However, he needs to step up the game in health sector because the state of some of the general hospitals is nothing to write home about.



I think I have to give Governor Ambode kudos. He tried in his first year. He really performed well. In the areas of road rehabilitation, I think I score him about 80 percent. Concerning security, the government has also done well.

There’s light almost everywhere now. You can move around in the night without fear. But I think Lagos can still be turned to London as planned by Ambode’s predecessor, Babatunde Raji Fashola. So, he needs to work on the environment and make it cleaner.



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