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Mixed reactions greet rehabilitation of Thomas Salako Street, Ogba

We want total reconstruction – Shop owners and resident

Since the construction of Yaya Abatan Road, a lot of Ogba residents have been clamouring for a quick rehabilitation of other link roads including Thomas Salako.

However, shortly after, other streets were rehabilitated and tarred by the Lagos state government, and only Thomas Salako was left out even with the new administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in place. This scenario has been agitating  the minds of the residents, motorists, landlords, shop owners, okada riders who benefit immensely from the road.

However, few days back the hope of the people was reawakened by the presence of Lagos state public work development on the road with a view to rehabilitating it and this was actually accomplished within two weeks and the road which was formerly a death trap has now become motorable. And this has been generating a lot of reactions from the people in the area. While some applaud the development, some still believe there is still a lot to be done as making drainage systems, will not only make the road more motorable but will as well beautify the environment and will prevent it from been over-run by flood during the raining season.

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Those sought their opinions on this also spoke divergently. ..

ALHAJI AKEEM AMUSA said, I am happy about this even though it is not the first time they have been patching this road. What they have come to do now is patch up but we hope that by next year, there will be a full construction on the road. At  least this vehicles will be able to move freely with ease.

Governor Ambode has been living up to expectation in terms of continuity of infrastructural development which his predecessors began since Tinubu era. We are hopeful that his government will do a lot of beneficial project. Overall, he is an active governor.


YISA ABUDU – I like the road. It is fine, even though they have not finished it. But by God’s grace they will soon complete it and by next year this place will be a changed place.

I am happy for Governor Ambode. He is working. I thank God for him. May Allah continue to be with him.”


MRS. OGUNLEYE NIKE – The road is fine and better now even if it is patch up they came to do on the road. I am happy the government has finally remembered this road. Since I moved here, they have not done this road before but I am happy that soon it will be better than this.

Governor Ambode is really working. He has followed the footsteps of people that were in power before him, so I m happy for him.


UCHENNA – I will not say Ambode has done anything good because Governor Ambode passed through this road when he was campaigning. Didn’t he see that the road was very bad? It was the mistake of Governor Fashola when he repaired Yaya Abatan Road, and people expected this road to be done then because it is a link road so I will not say Ambode has done well till he repairs this road and also repair the gutter so the road will not be flooded anymore when it rains.


OLANREWAJU ALIYU – Ambode has tried by coming to patch up this road but that is not what we want. We want a good and solid road as well as drainage too because with the amount of cars that ply this road, the patch ups will go bad again. So for me, patching the road is not the solution. Good construction of road is what we want.


ADELEKE – I am happy Governor Ambode is working and Lagos is becoming a better place every day. At least the road is better and manageable than before but my fear is I hope they will remember to come and do a better construction because that is how they have been deceiving us on this road since. They keep patching it without coming to construct a good motorable road but with this, I am happy .Ambode is working.




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