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Ms Entrepreneur Africa Awards (MeAfa) Competition 2018 debuts, calls for entries

The organizing committee of the Ms Entrepreneur Africa Awards (MeAfa) Competition 2018 has called for nomination entries of focused  and enterprising organizations and individuals for this year’s event scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria on November 2,2018.

The theme of this year’s event is: Creating new female entrepreneurs for the next generation in Africa.

A statement by Mr. Dele Ojo, publicity secretary, quotedRonnie Dikko, Project Director, as pointing out thatMs Entrepreneur Africa Awards (MeAfa) is an annual micro entrepreneurial business competition,  not a beauty pageant, noting that MeAfa seeks to identify, empower and groom future young African female entrepreneurs within the age range of 18 and 35 years.

“At MeAfa”Dikko emphasized, “we expect every participant to possess innovations that will not only position her as business owner, but that will also ensure the project is  of economic, social and environmental relevance to the owner and her immediate communities”.

“Our goal is to empower African culturally-minded female entrepreneurs who would convert raw materials from their communities into exportable goods and services that will create employment, economic, social development and eradication of poverty from the continent”Dikko explained.

She  revealed that Ms   Entrepreneur   Africa   Awards   (MeAfa)would   foster   cultural   integration and harmonize gender interactions amongst young African women.

According to her, this year,  organisers of the Awards want to recognize credible entrepreneurial initiatives, those who have made significant inroads in business; along with theyouthsand Post-Millennial population would be financially empowered. By this, we can be assured of a continent where greatness is harnessed by every individual.

Africa as a continent, she stressed, is blessed with potentials capable of sustaining her economy year-in year-out,while a lot of impressive initiatives have been implemented by  innovative minds, most of which might not be an eminent brand, but  are  making groundswell in their immediate market sphere.

Noting that a greater percentage of African youth population have been researched to possess ideas that are of economic value; she revealed that some of these young ones have started out their businesses to a creditable extent.

In organising MeAfa, the project director explained that event committee  believe there should definitely be a strategy to ease burden off the society and create a more flexible and positive approach to improving the standard of living of young entrepreneurs. This is the passion that births the establishment of MsEntrepreneur Africa Award.

There are two categories for the Awards, they are:

Category One:

Femalee entrepreneurs that have viable and replicative businessplansbut lack the necessary resources and start-up capital will directly be empowered.

Category Two:

At the same event, successful female entrepreneurs that have mademeasurable  impacts in business would be recognized.

Meanwhile, allcontestants must show in their business plans  how they intend to use mobile and internet technology as part of their marketing tool.

MeAfa grand finale will be a rotational event within African  countries, which would be hosted by any African Government or sponsor that meets its requirements.

It is thebelief of the organizers  thatthe grand finale would have all the trappings of a world class event and would have in attendance 1000 guests seated to witness the presentation of price money to winners.

“We intend to have a one month boot camp (reality TV show) to showcase the entrepreneurial skills of the contestants which will be broadcast on TV .The grand finale will be streamed live online to the rest of the world, while other TV stations will air the edited version in subsequent broadcast, Dikko promises.

The event is being put together  by Advocacy for widows Empowerment foundation  (ADWEF) whose focus is skills acquisition and entrepreneurial empowerment, and Ronnie D Global Concern Limited – with one of her subsidiaries in the area of business management and consulting.

Partnering organizations are Ethiopian   Airline,   Brand   World   TV,   Gadenet,   Ovation   Magazine,   NECANetwork ofEntrepreneurial Women,News of the People Mag, Brands TV Network, Acada Mag. Trendy Africa USA, Ice Magazine  amongst others.



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