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‘My favourite things’ – Elohor Aisien (Beauty Secrets of the Rich and Famous)

 THE model and model maker likes the simple way of doing things…

elizabeth elohor aisien (2)Elohor, as a model yourself, tell us three beauty items that you can’t live without.  And why?

I love my lip liner. I use MAC lip liner.  When you use the right colour, it just makes all the difference.  I can’t do without MAC mascara either.  It just makes my eyes look so much brighter and brings out the real beauty of the eyes, making them pop.  Third, IMAN foundation –the illuminating foundation.  There’s just something about it that makes your skin glow.  It’s also really good for women of colour…you need to ensure you get you exact shade though.  And I like it also because it’s very natural looking, not that cakey, ashy look.  Very natural looking on the skin.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received or learnt?

I actually learnt this one from a magazine, but it really works.  When it comes to blusher application, always smile (laughs).  This is so you actually put the blusher on the apple of the cheek; the cheek bone, which is where it is supposed to go, otherwise you can end up looking like a clown.

What’s your skincare regime like?

You’ll be surprised to know it’s actually very simple.  I’m basically a very simple person anyway.  I have normal skin and I use St. Ives Facial Scrub every morning.  I just spread it on my face, leave for about ten minutes then wash it off.

So, do you not do the wash, cleanse and moisturize steps that a lot of women do for their skin?

No.  Every woman is different and it also depends on the skin type.  If you find something that works for you, it’s better to stick with it.  I wash with St. Ives every morning and then I moisturize with cocoa butter.  I use cocoa butter on my body also and I have no complaints. I have slightly dry to normal skin.

elizabeth elohor aisien (4)What of facials?  Do you have them?

Oh no, I have had two facials.  One in China and the other here in Nigeria, and both times it turned out to be a disaster.  I had terrible breakouts, both times.  It’s so bad that you panic and you don’t know what to do to get rid of the spots.  But my doctor recommended that I stay away from facials as I have normal skin anyway.  I didn’t look for anything to use because I was terrified that I would make it worse.  So all I did was drink lots and lots of water.  Wash as usual twice a day and I think after about three or four days I was getting back to normal. I think for some women all that manipulation makes the skin worse.  So, for me at least, no, I don’t do facials.

Are you a lipstick person or gloss?

I like lip glosses best.  I think they just suit my lips better.  Besides, I really like the natural look. I use MAC glosses, the one I really like a lot is Spice –it’s a slightly pinky but neutral colour.  Very natural.

How do you keep in shape?  What’s your dress size?

I am a size 10. I exercise, I go to the gym. I recently joined the gym –Proflex.

Did you not used to go to the gym before then?  And why not?

No, I never used to go to the gym. I think because basically I was travelling a lot, but I was also lazy and couldn’t make the time.  But I realized now I actually eat a lot and find I need to exercise to keep the extra weight off.  So, I go to the gym three times a week, but I also have a personal trainer.  We go to Banana Island where there is plenty of space and I do boxing, running, aerobics and sit ups.  We do this for about one-and-half hours.

Elizebeth Esioho (2)What do you do to relax?

I like watching TV, I love reality shows. I go to the movies.

And do you pamper yourself?

Oh, I like massages. I go to BMX.  I love the hot stone massage and then the ordinary massages. I just find it really relaxes me, especially when I am stressed and a little over worked, I do this once or twice a month.

What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe and why did you buy it?

(Laughing) My Hermes Birkin handbags!  I bought them in Harrods at different times.  I have always wanted a Hermes bag.  They have been around forever and they stand the test of time.  I wanted one about ten years ago but I felt I should wait till I get older and could afford to buy one.  Also, they are works of art and never go out of fashion or season.  I think at some point I’d like to have something of value to pass on to my daughter (laughs).  They are the best of quality.

How would you describe your style?

A friend described me as a girly girl, which I think is fair.  I like simple things…things that can blend into day and night. I like Victoria Beckham’s sense of style.  I know she can sometimes go over the top but I would say that’s like my style.  The things I wear can easily go from day to night without having to go home to change or be inappropriate.  Unlike say, Rihanna for instance.  Her style is very edgy and you can’t just wear her sort of clothes just to anywhere.  I love dresses.

What are your favourite colours?

I like black and white. Not together, separately.  I like black because it’s very simple.  You can dress it up in so many ways –a belt, shoes, a bag, you know…and people will not even realize that you might be wearing the same dress.  I like white because it’s clean, classic and can be dramatic too.

Elizabeth Aisen (3)Do you have a favourite perfume?

I love Tom Ford.  I’ve more or less made it my signature scent.  I’ve used lots of perfumes and I’ve found that I use it halfway and I just get bored or fed up and leave the unfinished bottle on the table.  And then I go back to Tom Ford.  And I’ve used bottles and bottles and I never get tired of using it.

What things do you like doing to your hair?

I’ve always like longish hair so I’m all for weaves.  I like to experiment but it’s always long hair.

Who are your favourite designers?

Foreign would have to be Roberto Cavalli and Oscar de la Renta.  I just love their creativity, even though they are very different from each other.  Nigerian, I like Deola Sagoe because she’s creative and very edgy.

What won’t you be caught dead wearing?

Bum shorts!  Until of course I’m a size 6! (laughs)  But till then, no thanks.

What’s your fashion fetish?  And why?

Bags!  I love bags.  I don’t think women can do without bags.  We always use them. I like Jimmy Choo, Chanel…really good.  And I love shoes as well.  My favourite shoes are Christian Louboutin.  Absolutely perfect workmanship, beautiful to look at but very painful to wear…Anytime you see a woman in Louboutin, just know that she is in pain (laughing).

So pain for fashion…is it worth it?

Definitely worth it!

Would you ever contemplate plastic surgery?

I don’t know…maybe one day.  It depends (after much thought).  Actually, no I don’t think so.  I’m scared of the pain and I’m scared that it won’t come out right. There are so many stories of cosmetic surgery gone wrong.  Also, at most, it only lasts for about 15 years and then you are back to square one again.




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