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Ooni visits Obafemi Martins, and heaven is falling

Oonirisa of lle lfe, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, 40, visited soccer star Obafemi Martins home on Sunday, June 5, 2016, in Lagos, and Nigerians are miffed that a royal father has stooped too low.

Many are protesting that the King should be the one hosting subjects in his palace in ILE Ife (Osun), and not the other way round.
Here is a short video of the visit…

Read comments here…

cool cool talents set u b4 kings



Of everyone he has visited, this one doesn’t look like it sha o



Chaiii, a whole Ooni go visit footballer embarassed



Its like yansh is scratching this man. Cant he stay in one place?

And tomorrow some ppl will come to compare benin oba to this one that doesbt know his left from right.



i should be the next person he should visit……Kabiyesi igba keji orisa, i dey expect you for my side in Bariga wink



What an honour. Well don’t miss this N65Ok



junketer oNI OF iFE



Proudly yoruba. Say no to biafra



Tourist Oba. I just love you



This ooni is a swagga dude. Abeg u guys should leave him joor.



I am not getting it…Is the king visiting his subjects. I used to think it is the other way round. It’s the subjects that visit the king. When a product isn’t scarce it loses it value … economic



A royal visitation!!!!!! all I can say his woooowwww. There must have been a connection or Ooni came to tell to to stay away from his queen (just kidding)…………..



But why nah?



Ooni of ife is competing with bull-hari waka waka people



U wan to dey give those Oloripelebe peep chance to dey talk nonsense… #alase ekeji orisa abeg u be 1st class oba stop waka waka



that’s what happens when u fix responsible youth in governance. Thumbs up.



I think this is supposed to be a private visit and Obafemi Martins as taken advantage of it for his own profile. It’s now left for you Yoruba pipu to judge.



The ooni dragging yoruba culture through the mud since 1800bc,

it should be oba goal visiting the ooni of ife and not him visiting obagoal. rubbish



Egbami which kain Oba be dis? A whole first class paramount ruler, a custodian of traditions descending so low to visit a ‘mere’ footballer with all his palace honor? The nigga in this dude will never let him sees himself a King. I am so disappointed cry



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