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‘Saucekid Is A Tokunbo Rapper’ –GODWON

A few weeks ago, Notjustok, a top music website in Nigeria, released a list of the 10 most gifted rappers, and the list (below) raised a lot of controversies, comments and criticism:


1. Modenine

2. Olamide

3. Pyhno

4. M.I

5. SInzu (sauce Kid)

6. ShowDemCamp(SDC)

7. Iceprince

8. Vector

9. Naeto C

10. Reminisce


A few hours after the rap list was released, SauceKid and Godwon, an american based rapper, exchanged words on twitter and latter released diss tracks, which also raised comments from fans and music critics.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Godwon and he told us about the issue between him and SauceKid…


What has Godwon been up to?

I’ve been working on a little music, also on uplifting my community in Kaduna until the unfortunate death of our Governor in Kaduna. We are starting fresh grassroots plan now. But I have an album coming and singles also on the music side.

Why haven’t you been active in the Nigerian music scene for a while now?

I had a split with my record label, Serengeti Records. I was tied up in litigation up until February this year. It caused a lot of silence due to lawyers advising me on discretion and what not. I’m free now and I didn’t love the experience but my bosses were exceptional!

Who are the top 3 rappers in Nigeria in your own opinion?

I would say Ice Prince based on his recent success, M.I based on what I know he can do, and Modenine based on the hiphop aspect of Naija Music.. There are a lot of good guys but those are my top 3!

Did your mixtape make the impact you hoped for?

I would say yes. I was able to launch my mixtape in Kaduna at the most prestigious outlet in town, NAF Club. I personally flew in Terry Da Rapman, Msmooth, and Lowkeyz from Lagos and rocked the city with my friends. I had the chairman of Liberty FM, Dr. Ramalan and the commissioner of information in attendance. It’s not something I talk or brag about but something that was historic during Boko Haram period with no disturbance because I know how calm Kaduna is because I live there as a Catholic.

Do you see yourself relocating fully to Nigeria to face your music squarely?

Somehow, and I don’t think I will relocate fully yet. But I love Naija. I’m here because after being absent for 20 years I came and Naija showed me love. I was told I was needed. I listened and discovered it was true. And so I decided to come back periodically. I’m a Yankee boy at heart.

Do you think rap can sell in Nigeria?

I think that question has been answered by my record label and also artistes like MI, Ice Prince, Olamide and a few others. Nigerians like music. It’s the few haters and bad artistes that break through that give us a bad name. Ruggedman is a guy that makes money without mainstreaming. So yes, I believe so.

What really happened between you and Saucekid?

Misunderstandings and jealousy. A lot more happened, that’s an independent interview itself. God bless him.

Was there some kind of misunderstanding before the rap list was released?

I would say, yes. He was a guy that was frustrated, directly linked to my success. I could tell you exactly what happened, but it would just boil down to the fact that he didn’t want to face reality. He is good but not original. He is a tokunbo rapper.

You and SauceKid used to be friends, is there any chance you reconcile soon?

No, not at all. People believe I struck him harshly but he instigated how far we could go on the diss. I’m a battle rapper and I’m tuned to the notion that the first guy that spits makes the rules. So I went along. I liked him as a person but if someone is pretending, you don’t know who you are liking.

What else do you do, aside rapping?

I frequent the government house on youth affairs in Kaduna. My dad was an advisor to David Mark so I have it in my blood. I also do charity work and I model and act as well.

What next would we be hearing from Godwon?

An album, some singles and videos, maybe a secondary school in my village that I’m working on. I do a lot. I hope to have a friend in Naija soon, I’m a lone ranger with all trusted friends and family abroad.

What are your projections for your career?

I truly play it by ear, I’m a true musician. So I can’t predict, but expect music. I never would have thought I would be in a beef in Naija. I’m so not into it, sometimes life calls.

Can you tell us a little more about Godwon?

(Laughs) Ok, I’m 6 feet and I enjoy eating, and brushing my teeth! I love a lady named Poquita and I like Nkwobi with cowtail.



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